Are you in the 21st Century?

Prannoy Roy, a talk show host from India, asked a question to a leader in one of his interviews “Are you in the 21st Century?”

Times have changed!

The leader must have said something that to Roy seemed so old-fashioned.

Like going on a vacation in a bullock cart. Or sending your precious kids to an institutional school.

Hey, wait a minute! What do you mean, you would ask!

Exactly…..what do I mean?

Prannoy may have a certain concept of what constitutes 21st Century. Maybe fuel propelled vehicles with 4 wheels or more, instant communication with people around the world, medical advances etc.

In the same way most people at present also have a certain idea when they think of the 21st Century.

That doesn’t mean the majority is right, does it?

The majority thought the earth was flat 1000 years ago, so what?

The majority send their kids to school, so what?

What the majority are realising slowly now is that times are changing….and are seeing that more and more parents are taking a conscious decision to provide something better for their childrens future than sending them to instituitional organisationss called schools.

Are you in the 21st Century?

Let us look at the 22nd Century perhaps….when parenting and education would not be outsourced to so called experts.

When parents and children spend time together learning and having fun, developing bonds that will last a lifetime.

Times have indeed changed

When the Government and Commerce would stop trying to fit all individuals into uniform molds called ‘good consumers or useful slaves’ for their own benefit.

Let the movement roll on.

Jai Hind.