Nerf gun!?

My son Mark has been after me begging and pleading me for a Nerf Gun. Oh God, the persistence of the 9 year old boy..literally eating my brains out, and of my wife too. What on earth is a Nerf Gun now?? For him it is like the pinnacle of his aspirations, the dream toyContinue reading “Nerf gun!?”

Stress free in Mumbai? Dream come true

The Times of India-IMRB Quality of Life Survey perceived Mumbaikars as being most stressed among residents of eight mega-cities. Are you surprised? If you are a homeschooler who has gotten out of the rat-race and fast pace of life, you will read this article differently than most people. And if you are not, there isContinue reading “Stress free in Mumbai? Dream come true”

Homeschoolers in Mumbai

Mumbai Homeschoolers: Brief account of our recent get togethers In India, there are many parents who have chosen to educate their children out of ‘school’. They form a small but growing number of intelligent, creative and bold individuals who are now also getting aware of the need to join together as a National Body, withContinue reading “Homeschoolers in Mumbai”

The ‘value’ of a college education

‘Many graduates aren’t useful to society’ An article in the Times of India today 12th Dec 2011 by Hemali Chhapia | TNN A generation ago, the Institute of Science in Mumbai was an epicentre for high-end research. It was there that the samples of rock from the moon were analysed and the effect that sulphurContinue reading “The ‘value’ of a college education”