What does a college education provide?

Surprised? ‘Only 10% grads are employable’ Higher Edu Must Be More Flexible, Says NAAC Chief TIMES NEWS NETWORK  16th Jan 2012 Pune: Chairman of the National assessment and accreditation council (NAAC) executive committee, Goverdhan Mehta, has called for an innovative approach to raise the employability of graduates passing out of universities with traditional arts, commerceContinue reading “What does a college education provide?”

Candle making at home, first attempt

We got a candle making kit and decided to try it out. It was fun, we learnt a few things, made some mistakes, and finally made a candle! This process teaches principles from Physics, Chemistry, colour mixing, patience, preparation and timing. Here is what you will need: Time: 30 minutes A small steel pan [likeContinue reading “Candle making at home, first attempt”

Moon watching

The New Year started with an interesting Astronomical lesson for us. The team from Nehru Planetarium arrived by 6:30 pm with their astronomical equipment. The evening started with a powerpoint presentation explaining the Solar system, planets and other interesting facts about Astronomy. Through powerful 4 inch Telescopes from Nehru Planetarium, and with a lively PowerContinue reading “Moon watching”

Five year old drawing with Bamboo

Here is a 5 year old homeschooling girl using the Bamboo tablet from Wacom to draw, on the computer. This video was made using Windows Moviemaker, and the song in the background is..well you should know it by now. The Bamboo tablet is a great tool for creativity. http://www.wacom.asia/bamboo-tablets/bamboo-pen-and-touch   There is no mess, no environmentalContinue reading “Five year old drawing with Bamboo”