Mumbai Homeschoolers National Park Picnic July 2012

As the monsoon season pours rain over the ever green forests and hills of the verdant Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivli, we homeschoolers look forward to our annual picnic to the flowing stream in the midst of the dense forests of the park. This year we had quite a few newcomers, who have takenContinue reading “Mumbai Homeschoolers National Park Picnic July 2012”

National body for Indian Homeschoolers

    It is a time when the whole world is watching India, and especially Home-schoolers. On the 14th of July, 2012, we will see the launch of our very own Indian Homeschool body, online and in Mumbai.         The much awaited launch of our all India ‘Homeschooling National Body’ is here!Continue reading “National body for Indian Homeschoolers”