Water testing report 2

When I checked my kitchen tap water for E Coli as part of our project with our children, I was shocked to see that it tested positive. This meant that there was contamination by Coliform bacteria in the water. The photograph below shows the water in the bottle which has changed colour to yellow fromContinue reading “Water testing report 2”

Tap water contamination testing

Our drinking water in Mumbai is under threat due to puncture of main pipes by residents of illegal slums. The photo above taken by our Residents Forum shows the main BMC line which was punctured by the water mafia. The main water pipe supplying water to millions of residents, as a result of this horribleContinue reading “Tap water contamination testing”

Thinking of IGCSE

Our daughter has been home schooled since the last 8 years. We have seen to it that all three of our children get a solid foundation in all subjects, and most importantly an understanding of what is right and wrong. The Bible has been our reference for what is right and wrong. Parents should teachContinue reading “Thinking of IGCSE”