National Park Monsoon Picnic 2013

This year the rains have been extra heavy at our annual Homeschoolers National Park picnic which took place in July 2013. Over thirty adults and children enjoyed a splashing time in the stream that rushes past a bridge inside the National Park. Due to workload I could not reach the venue before 330 PM, andContinue reading “National Park Monsoon Picnic 2013”

Indian Homeschooling children’s Identity

As I write this, there has been an interesting discussion going on in our Indian Homeschool email group Swashikshan. As some of you may be aware, Homeschoolers from all over India have formed an association called Swashikshan a few years back. You can find more details on our website is ‘Swa’ means self andContinue reading “Indian Homeschooling children’s Identity”