Five year old drawing with Bamboo

Here is a 5 year old homeschooling girl using the Bamboo tablet from Wacom to draw, on the computer. This video was made using Windows Moviemaker, and the song in the background is..well you should know it by now. The Bamboo tablet is a great tool for creativity.   There is no mess, no environmentalContinue reading “Five year old drawing with Bamboo”

The ‘value’ of a college education

‘Many graduates aren’t useful to society’ An article in the Times of India today 12th Dec 2011 by Hemali Chhapia | TNN A generation ago, the Institute of Science in Mumbai was an epicentre for high-end research. It was there that the samples of rock from the moon were analysed and the effect that sulphurContinue reading “The ‘value’ of a college education”

Open Learning

Learning is a process, where the learner accesses information and ‘learns’. With easy access to information anywhere [Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, books], anytime [The internet is always on] — knowledge today is no longer restricted to physical classrooms. In fact, the real learning is happening laterally, outside the four walls of schools, colleges and universities. Continue reading “Open Learning”