The newest addition to our family

Yes, and she is named the Ertiga! This is our new family transport. The LUV story vehicle that has captured the hearts of Indian families all over. We love this vehicle for its sheer practicality, spaciousness, ease of use and versatility. It can seat seven people easily, and can even make space for a couple more if needed! Yet its footprint is smaller than that of a large car.

When used as a five seater car it is very spacious, with a wheelbase over 2700 mm, longer than many luxury cars. The sheer size of the rear door speaks volumes of the space available inside.

These are pictures of our new car after we have done a few modifications to it, and we absolutely love it!

From the front it sports a wide smile, and looks ever ready to go! It is tall and yet solidly planted to the ground.

The rear looks great, with no ugly projections or bumps. It can even be mistaken for a small hatchback!

We have made a few changes to our vehicle to improve the life and joy of the vehicle. I felt it is easier to show them to you rather than explain it. So here goes J

Reverse parking sensors to warn us of blind spots were fitted by us at our dealer.

There are some other things that we got done at Car Décor.

We did full carpet lamination with a transparent tough material that is permanently fixed over the light beige carpet. Floor mats can be placed over it, and the floor cleaned easily with no problems even if liquids spill inside the car.

Full wall to wall carpet lamination.

Steering grip really helps in tight corners when you have to use only one hand to steer the vehicle.

We put Chocolate brown and Olive combo art leather seats from Orchis, which were essential since the original company fitted fabric cover was light beige.

They have done a neat job with the new upholstery, and give three years warranty against stitch-loss and peeling.

And yes, we did add two screens on the headrests for back seat video entertainment, which also reads DVD, SD cards and USB. It also has a few games which kids can play during long drives. The screens have a neat zip cover to cover the screen when not in use.

Bumper and side protectors also help protect the car from objects which try to come too close!

As for the driving experience, our Ertiga is a diesel car, and this is our first diesel car too. The car is quite, fast, and easy to drive. I am enjoying the power especially the turbo that kicks in after 2000 rpm. Small turning radius and electrically powered side mirrors make parking and maneuvering in city traffic a breeze. Rear seat is very comfortable, you can adjust the reclining angle, adjust the roof air conditioning to your taste, and there is a center arm rest too.

The Maruti Ertiga! The ideal family car. Need I say more?

Home schooling?

What? Homeschooling?

Many people ask me….You mean you dont send your kids to school?

Yes, I say. They all want to know why….

I say, let me ask you a few questions….

Why do you send your kids to school?

Learning at School

To learn, ofcourse, they say!

I ask them: How do you expect your kids to learn at school?

Why, from the text books ofcourse, and the teachers etc…

I ask them, what world are you living in? Don’t you know that if you want your kids to learn something from school text books, you are way behind the times? Knowledge is advancing so fast that by the time the textbooks your child gets are out they are already atleast a decade old?

If you want to find out or learn about anything, where do you go to now?

Smart way to learn

Did anyone say ‘google’!

Oh, it is as if a light bulb popped open in their brain…they wonder…..what on earth!

Then they say, aha, we send our kids to school so that they can ‘Socialise’ and learn to mix with other people.

I look at them and ask again, politely…where in the real world would you expect your child, assuming he or she grows up, to ‘socialise’ only with people his same age??

Are you preparing for the Real World

What kind of artificial ‘socialisation’ are you talking about? Would it not be better if your child mixes with their neighboring kids and with their brothers and sisters at home and around? Learning to share and play together?

By this time, the parent who asked me the question is left wondering why he or she did not think of all this before.

I reassure them, that there is still time. If you believe your kids are the most precious gifts you have, you would do your best for them. Since you thought that sending them to school was the best you could do for them, you did that. Now that you know there are better ways, think about it. Plan it as a family, pray about it. See if you have the necessary time and resources to homeschool.

Hey, homeschooling works!

Then be ready to change!

Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Life is full of challenges and changes.