Visit to a Sculptor cum Artist

A few of us Homeschoolers went to visit a Sculptor today. We saw her use her hands to painstakingly and lovingly make clay into a face. The way she molded it, the care and attention to details, and the way she explained it to us was amazing. She is a student of JJ school ofContinue reading “Visit to a Sculptor cum Artist”

Hypertension in Children?

Hypertension on the rise among children in city ZoomBookmarkSharePrintTranslate MUMBAI: Recently Dr Ajit Menon, a cardiologist at Lilavati Hospital, Bandra, treated a 12-year-old boy for hypertension. The child, doctors suspected, was battling “school-related stress”. “He complained of regular headaches. We put him on anti-hypertension pills, asked his parents to change his diet and taught himContinue reading “Hypertension in Children?”

Homeschooler’s Pharma Factory Visit

Some of us Homeschoolers from Mumbai got an opportunity to visit a Pharmaceutical Factory and see how Injections, Tablets, Capsules and other life saving drugs are manufactured. In January 2013, after I [as a Medical Doctor] got an invite from Neon Pharma to see their Factory in Palghar, I mentioned that as I am partContinue reading “Homeschooler’s Pharma Factory Visit”

Thinking of IGCSE

Our daughter has been home schooled since the last 8 years. We have seen to it that all three of our children get a solid foundation in all subjects, and most importantly an understanding of what is right and wrong. The Bible has been our reference for what is right and wrong. Parents should teachContinue reading “Thinking of IGCSE”

Five year old drawing with Bamboo

Here is a 5 year old homeschooling girl using the Bamboo tablet from Wacom to draw, on the computer. This video was made using Windows Moviemaker, and the song in the background is..well you should know it by now. The Bamboo tablet is a great tool for creativity.   There is no mess, no environmentalContinue reading “Five year old drawing with Bamboo”