A tribute to Jeremy and his family

Max and Gillian went through a parents worst nightmare, the death of their child Jeremy Fernand.

Jeremy was only 19 years when he fell off a running train on the 26th of November 2017. He succumbed to his injuries at Cooper hospital in Mumbai.

It was a shock to his parents and to all of us who knew him and the family. The pain was agonizing, the questions unending.

It was like being thrown into the deepest and darkest pit possible. Gillian cried out to God, praying that if it is His will let Jeremy be raised from the dead. We all wept. Friends and family poured into their home that dark night to comfort them, shocked themselves. The people from their local church enveloped them with love and comfort.

But something unexpected started taking place almost within minutes of Gillian receiving the news at home. She started saying, “Lord if it is your will, I accept it. ” She started praising God at that most difficult moment.

Even Max who was at the Hospital, once he overcame the initial shock, was able to reach out and comfort his shocked friends who were gathered there.

What we witnessed was the triumph of the Living HOPE Jesus Christ, over death, the fleshing out of the victory Jesus won for you and me on the cross, defeating sin and death for ever, once and for all .

Max and Gillian have experienced this by believing in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. They were able to live it out.

At the darkest moment of their lives, this light within them shone through.

This was real faith, this was Christianity at its most powerful moment.. They were able to sing and praise God because they made a choice in their hearts to believe in the promises of God. They knew for sure that Jeremy now was, not in a better place, but in the best place possible, as Gillian kept saying in the days following.

Death was defeated that day and we were witness to it. This was when we started to understand what was meant by the eternal verse in 1 Corinthians 15:55 “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”

The way Max, Gillian and even Gabrielle, his 11 year old sister, conducted themselves during the days following the death of Jeremy was I think the greatest testimony to the resurrection power of Christ. Many people have been touched including atheists witnessing this. One said, if this is what faith is, I want to experience this. At the funeral where over a thousand gathered, everyone was comforted by how the parents behaved. It was almost as if the parents were drawing from an unending well, springs of living water and hope and joy just bubbled out of them.

Jeremy’s friends who worked with him at 40 Parables, a company in Bangalore gave powerful testimony to his life and how he was so different in many ways, his maturity and his wisdom. He used to think out of the box. [He was home schooled by his parents as they believed that was the best way to impart their faith and life to him]

They said that any problem, any curved ball thrown at him he could handle.

Here we saw that the greatest curved ball Satan could throw at a parent became another opportunity to display the glory of the risen Jesus Christ to the world.

All praise to our God who lives and loves us with passion. God bless you.

Light Painting and photography

Last night my kids and I did an experiment with photography using simple lights. As you will discover, the only limit is your imagination. Come on, join us and see what you can do right in your very own home!

What you will need:

  • A light source
  • A tripod
  • A camera with full manual controls [manual control of focus, ISO, shutter speed and aperture]
  • A darkened room
  • and a bit of imagination!

What we did:

Multiple exposure

Tripod, Shutter speed set to 1/30 f at widest, room darkened except for the single light source

Light Painting

We set the camera to M mode, set shutter speed to 10-15 seconds, aperture to f/16 to 18, adjusted focus to the plane where we were going to shine the lights, fixed it on a tripod, turned off the lights in the room, and started with our light painting/writing experiment!

And here are the results… J

Figure 1 F 5.3 1/30 sec 78 mm Multiple exposure

Figure 2 F/5.3 1/30 sec 78 mm

Figure 3 f/5.3 1/25 sec 78 mm Multiple exposure

We also tried to write our names using a small lamp. We do mirror writing, ofcourse.

Figure 4 f/18 Exposure 10 seconds, ISO-800 Focal length 18 mm

Figure 5 f/18 Exposure 10 seconds, ISO-800 Focal length 18 mm

Figure 6 f/18 Exposure 13 seconds, ISO-800 Focal length 18 mm

Figure 7 f/18 Exposure 10 seconds, ISO-800 Focal length 18 mm

Figure 8 f/18 Exposure 13 seconds, ISO-800 Focal length 18 mm

Figure 9 f/18 Exposure 13 seconds, ISO-800 Focal length 18 mm

Ofcourse these shots came after a little bit of practice and experimenting with shutter speed and aperture.

Here are some of our bloopers!

This was an attempt by Grace to write her name..

This was me trying to write my name in reverse!

Figure 10 f/18 Exposure 15 seconds, ISO-800 Focal length 18 mm

Do let me know how you found this experiment! Also do write in with your experiments in light painting. Have a great time ahead J