Explained: How to apply for your Passport

Applying for a passport in India online: What you need to know, explained in real simple language.

As you may be knowing, since you are reading this online, presumably, you can apply for a passport online and finish the main formalities before presenting yourself to the nearest Passport Seva Kendra.

It all looks so intimidating, people say. How can I know where to go, what to download, and how to fill and save and submit?

Well, relax, here I have tried to make it as simple as possible J

The first step is to locate the website!

Just type passport in Google search and viola… here it is, or click on the link here: https://portal1.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink

This is how it looks [as of today]

You need to register here if you are a new user, or login if you have applied here earlier. If you have forgotten your password, relax, they will send you a link to your email that you must use within two hours of your request, to change your password.

Once you log in, you must download the passport application form which is a pdf document. For this you need to do the following:

Online Form Submission

Step 1    Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal. (Click on “Register” link under the Apply section on the Home Page).

Step 2    Login to the Passport Seva Online Portal with the registered Login Id.

Step 3    Click “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” link.

Step 4    Fill in the required details in the form and submit.

Which form, you may ask!?

The form is a pdf which has blanks which you can fill is.

Download it to your PC from the link given on the website https://portal1.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/downloadEFormStatic

Choose the form which applies to you, either fresh, or Diplomatic etc as shown below

Version 2 is the one available after 22nd August 2014 [now] and since I had filled version 1 a few months before, I had to copy paste from that pdf to this new one which I downloaded today the 29th of August 2014.

You need to fill in all the details accurately on your PC using adobe acrobat which is a free program for opening and editing this pdf file.

You can then save the pdf in the name of the person whose application it is or any file name of your choice. All your data will be safe in it, and you can even edit it at a later date if needed.


Once you have filled all the data in the pdf, you will need to go to the bottom of the pdf and click on the button shown above, the VALIDATE AND SAVE.

This will save your data in a file called xml. This is the file that you will need to upload when you apply online.



Note: Before uploading e-Form XML, please ensure that the XML has been generated using a compatible version of Adobe Reader (9 or above). We shall not be able to service your request in case the generated XML (from filled e-Form) is found to be tampered in anyway.


Once your xml has been uploaded, and you have confirmed the contents, clock ok and viola!

You will get this message…..


Your form has been submitted successfully.

Your Application Reference Number(ARN) is: 14-xyz1247980

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Pay and Schedule Appointment

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Print Application Receipt

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Upload Supporting Documents




The availability of appointments at the PSK is shown as below:

Appointment Availability #

RPO Mumbai

PSK Malad

Appointment available for 10/09/2014

PSK Lower Parel

Appointment available for 12/09/2014

PSK Andheri

Appointment available for 16/09/2014

Earliest appointment availability date is as per pool of normal appointment quota. However appointments against cancellation may become available prior to the displayed date.





So you can select the payment option you want as shown:



If you take too long to complete the payment [more than five minutes!], as it happened with me, you will get this message!


Now where is the ‘Schedule appointment’ link?? It is the one which says: View Saved/Submitted Applications! If only they would mention that in the first place!

Anyway, go there and select the application for which you have made the payment and wish to take an appointment.

It will show the earliest date available, and you have to select that. There is no option to select a date of your choice.



Once you book the appointment, you can print an application receipt and take it with you when you go to the PSK at the time selected.

Have fun applying for a passport and do let me know if you encountered any problems, or if this post helped you J

Thanks for reading!

Daddy, where are you?

Fatherhood is the most important job that any of us—including the President of the United States or the CEO of the world’s largest company—will ever have. It is the only role in life for which we are truly indispensable.

Your job, your career, it will all end one day, sooner than you expect. But no one can replace you as a Dad to your children, ever.

Dads, no other man will love your children as much as you can.

Now that is a powerful statement, wow!

I have been a Dad since more than a decade as I write this in 2013. A friend gave me an article from a Book by Gregory Slayton called Be a Better Dad Today [Gregory Slayton and his wife Marina have four children]. It touched my heart, and I am sharing something taken from it with the hope that this will touch many more men, especially those who are already fathers.

This is what he says: Being a good dad isn’t easy—and there is no explicit instruction manual. It’s pretty much a 24/7 labor of love—love that isn’t always returned. But it is clearly the most important job that you and I will ever have. If you doubt me on that last point, think about it: not only does the future of civilization depend on it (and that is no exaggeration), our individual families and our personal futures depend on it as well. In the many centuries before our modern TV/internet culture, disintegrating families, and Social Security, mothers and fathers understood implicitly that the job they did as parents was critical to their future and society’s future. And while some today may try to de-emphasize the importance of effective moms and dads—in reality there is no better “return on investment” then children who grow up to be a blessing to their families and an asset to our world. As Peter Lynch, the co-founder of Fidelity Investments, has said repeatedly: “Your children are your best investment.”

“Nothing I’ve ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.” says Bill Cosby, an American comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist. A veteran stand-up performer too!

Somehow, much of our society has forgotten this simple fact that Bill Cosby has expressed so well in the above quote. Down through history, men have gotten great joy from being good fathers, and society has directly benefited.

Fatherhood has always been one of the cornerstones of civilization. In fact, many of the most serious social issues our society wrestles with (from adult illiteracy to teenage pregnancy to increasing rates of chronic unemployment, drug abuse and mental illness) stem directly from the breakdown of fatherhood.

The statistics are abundantly clear: Children who grow up without fathers are two to three times more likely to spend time in jail, drop out of school, fail to ever hold down a long-term job, suffer from a severe mental illness, or become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

And they are three to four times more likely to bear children out of wedlock themselves . . . and thus continue the cycle of social devastation that threatens our society.

There is hope for all of us fathers out there. We all trip and fall, we fail. Doesn’t matter.

I am writing this article especially for men just like you—men who want to be strong and noble fathers for their families, and have fun doing it.

I share that goal with you, and an exciting one it is! We are on a journey—you and I—and it won’t be completed this side of eternity. Becoming a good father is like running a marathon; it takes time, dedication and perseverance. In addition, like all significant journeys, we will never arrive if we don’t know where we are going. The fact that we share an important goal—to be strong and noble fathers—is an excellent start.

It is really not that difficult once you understand what is at stake here. You as a Dad are the one your wife and children look up to to provide direction. If not you then someone else will, or is directing them.

What can you do?

Here is an excerpt from the book: http://www.beabetterdadtoday.com/chapters/chapter-04/

Tool No. 1:

When you enjoy the blessings of life with your family by putting them first today, you create a stronger family for tomorrow. Family fun time is the best time of all.

“Do not be deceived . . . a man reaps what he sows.” Galatians 6:7, NIV

“Early in my career, I thought to myself, “What am I working for everyday?” The answer was “my family and their welfare.” So I made a pact early with myself that I would put family first. This meant crafting my own career so that I would not be traveling a lot, finding ways to plan out my week so I could home for dinner with my family and cutting out weekend work when the kids were young. Not easy to do, but 20 years later I know I made the right decision.” Randy H., Pleasanton, California

You might think, Wow, this first tool is a no-brainer. I’m good at that already. Maybe you are. Maybe. But I’ve found that many dads have lost the ability to put their families first and have fun with them. Of course, very few of us would ever admit this.

But here is a simple test: Do you have fun with your wife and kids on a frequent, regular basis?

If your answer is “not too often” or “I’m not sure” or “you don’t understand my situation,” read on.

Even if your answer is “sometimes,” you probably could strengthen your use of this tool. In fact, all of us could strengthen our skill with this tool.

For too many of us, weeks, months and even years go by, and there’s too much strain, stress and striving and too little laughter, love, lighthearted fun or quality time of any type with dad. That is really tough on our families—and especially on our children. Why does this happen? I believe that in many cases we as dads choose, consciously or unconsciously, to put something (or multiple things) in front of our family. We all choose what we focus on in life, and if we choose to put work or worry or our bank account or something else in front of our families, we will eventually reap what we sow.

Do whatever it takes, reorient your career,

If you are wondering, how can I do anything, is there help? There is help available.

The Fellowship of Fathers Foundation exists to help any and every Dad who wants to be the very best father he can be.

Here are some websites which will help you:



Enjoy your journey as you discover the joys of Fatherhood. I would love to hear from you too