Driving safety in India

Those who have driven in developed countries and then driven in India will realize the stress that this activity brings about when you drive on the roads in India. Figure 1 A common sight on Indian roads in 2014   Often this stress is not recognised by the majority of Indians because they have notContinue reading “Driving safety in India”

How fast can I drive?

This is a very common question asked by all drivers. How fast can I drive? There you are driving along nicely and the road is clear. You wish to just hit the pedal and race away. Then you see this sign: Figure 1 Speed limit sign 60 mph is 100 km/hr Oh come on, youContinue reading “How fast can I drive?”

The newest addition to our family

Yes, and she is named the Ertiga! This is our new family transport. The LUV story vehicle that has captured the hearts of Indian families all over. We love this vehicle for its sheer practicality, spaciousness, ease of use and versatility. It can seat seven people easily, and can even make space for a coupleContinue reading “The newest addition to our family”

Ertiga: Spaciousness in Spacelessness

To me, this picture represents the main reason why the Ertiga has been such a huge hit in India, crossing over 12000 bookings in two months since its launch. After the Ertiga has been launched in India in April 2012, people have finally realized that they were being taken for a royal ride all theseContinue reading “Ertiga: Spaciousness in Spacelessness”

Dawn of Safe driving in India: Doctor’s responsibility

Having driven and seen traffic in developed countries, when I come back to India it has been a burden in my heart to see Indians drive ‘safely and easily’. Most Indians do not realise the stress that we go through when on the road, either as a driver or a passenger, because it is saidContinue reading “Dawn of Safe driving in India: Doctor’s responsibility”