Photography workshop for Homeschoolers

How to use lights in Photography? What is Product photography? These and many other questions were answered for us by Radha and her mom, Supriya Raj Joshi, at the Photography workshop conducted by them at their home-cum-studio at Dadar on the 18th of August 2013. Seventh Sense Studio Photography: Radha started the session with aContinue reading “Photography workshop for Homeschoolers”

IGCSE and Homeschool

Some of us parents met with Ms. Tanya Valecha, Principal of Rustomjee School on Tuesday 18th June 2013. We mentioned to her that we are part of an All India body of Homeschoolers called Swashikshan whose website is The main points discussed were: Homeschooled students giving the IGCSE 10th grade exams Handholding partnershipContinue reading “IGCSE and Homeschool”

Living treasure Hunt

This summer, children in our building did something different. We organized a Living Treasure Hunt in and around the place where we stay, and wow! Did you know what they discovered? These are just some of the living treasures discovered by our children. We were really amazed at the amazing creatures they captured on camera,Continue reading “Living treasure Hunt”

Visit to a Sculptor cum Artist

A few of us Homeschoolers went to visit a Sculptor today. We saw her use her hands to painstakingly and lovingly make clay into a face. The way she molded it, the care and attention to details, and the way she explained it to us was amazing. She is a student of JJ school ofContinue reading “Visit to a Sculptor cum Artist”

Citizens foil Dumping on CRZ: Times of India

CITIZENS FOR THE CITY Dahisar locals foil debris dumping bid Linah Baliga Times News Network Mumbai: Alert locals recently foiled an attempt to dump debris in Dahisar. The New Link Road Residents’ Forum (NLRRF) received a call from a local on Sunday afternoon, saying some dumpers were headed towards Prithvi Palace off New Link Road. The landContinue reading “Citizens foil Dumping on CRZ: Times of India”

What do you really, really need?

This may be pretty hard reading for many, as I am going to ask you deep questions on your life. What do you base your esteem on? Is it on your body, or perhaps your mind? Your skin colour, your hair, your clothes, the place where you stay, your family background or your grades inContinue reading “What do you really, really need?”

Homeschooler’s Pharma Factory Visit

Some of us Homeschoolers from Mumbai got an opportunity to visit a Pharmaceutical Factory and see how Injections, Tablets, Capsules and other life saving drugs are manufactured. In January 2013, after I [as a Medical Doctor] got an invite from Neon Pharma to see their Factory in Palghar, I mentioned that as I am partContinue reading “Homeschooler’s Pharma Factory Visit”