Photography workshop for Homeschoolers

How to use lights in Photography? What is Product photography? These and many other questions were answered for us by Radha and her mom, Supriya Raj Joshi, at the Photography workshop conducted by them at their home-cum-studio at Dadar on the 18th of August 2013.

Seventh Sense Studio Photography:

Radha started the session with a short video presentation by an expert and his demonstration of different photographs using different sources and angles of lights.





After this she did a step by step tutorial on lights, their importance, different types of lights available and the positions in which we can use them.


She also explained about aperture and shutter, two basic settings of any camera that give creative flexibility.

Mark holding the diffuser cum reflector

Radha showing the strobe light and flash

Supriya demonstrating the diffuser with LED box light.


After this we were shown the products, a wide variety of them, from which each participant chose three items to shoot, with accessories of their choice too.


Products to be shot…

Then we had a hands on demonstration on setting up a studio right there at her home!


The children were divided into two groups and timed as they unboxed the studio light stand, the light [strobe and flashlight] and umbrella cover. They were also shown a foldable diffuser, two types of reflectors and a black light absorber.

A stand was also assembled on which draping of the background was done.


Mark shot a portrait of me too!


My son Mark is very camera shy

Mark selected this product shoot


Each child then got a chance to set their product in the studio, experiment with different lighting, exposure and aperture settings, and click as many as they wanted. Then they had to choose one for each product for the final discussion.

This one is Mark’s own creation

After this there was a fashion shoot for which we had three exotic models with variety of designer dresses.

Shooting the models

These photographs were also displayed at the end of the shoot, amidst much amazement and joy J

Sumptous snacks, juices, dinner and icecream were also provided, since the program ended only at 1030 pm!

Thank you Supriya, her supportive husband Raj Joshi, and their kids Radha and Malvika for this unique and wonderful opportunity!

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