Light Painting and photography

Last night my kids and I did an experiment with photography using simple lights. As you will discover, the only limit is your imagination. Come on, join us and see what you can do right in your very own home! What you will need: A light source A tripod A camera with full manual controlsContinue reading “Light Painting and photography”

High Definition Videos

HD, Ultra High HD, what next? Are we running out of superlatives as we try to name the increase in our movie’s Video resolution? And are we even beginning to match the resolution of our eyes? High Definition: Those of us who remember the 1990’s and 2000’s will recall that for seeing home videos, DVDContinue reading “High Definition Videos”

Photography workshop for Homeschoolers

How to use lights in Photography? What is Product photography? These and many other questions were answered for us by Radha and her mom, Supriya Raj Joshi, at the Photography workshop conducted by them at their home-cum-studio at Dadar on the 18th of August 2013. Seventh Sense Studio Photography: Radha started the session with aContinue reading “Photography workshop for Homeschoolers”