How old is your hearing?

If you ever wondered how old your body really is, here is a great way to find out.

As you know the ear is a marvelous bio engineering marvel. As your age advances changes occur in the hearing parameters.

The rate at which our bodies age is a matter of intense interest to all, and we do many things to try to stay young!Figure3-copy

If you really want to know how your body has aged relative to your actual age, here is a simple way to test for sure how old your ears are, which will roughly indicate how old your physical body is. Do test and share!



Click here to know how old your ears really are!


Nerf gun!?

My son Mark has been after me begging and pleading me for a Nerf Gun. Oh God, the persistence of the 9 year old boy..literally eating my brains out, and of my wife too.

What on earth is a Nerf Gun now??

For him it is like the pinnacle of his aspirations, the dream toy that he wants, the best thing that he can own and play with. And I didn’t know what on earth was this Nerf gun. Sounded too much like Barf or some other four letter words that came into my mind… oh, forget it.

Anyway his begging and pleading every day was getting to me. I told him that he will have to spend his pocket money for it. He replied that I can use from his bank account! I realized that I shouldn’t have told him about some money I had put in his account to teach him the concept of saving and investing.

Atlast today was the day we both decided that we will buy him this Nerf Gun…as we were going to buy a birthday gift for his friend’s birthday.

And here he is with the great NERF gun!

Right away he had loaded it and got ready for shooting! I made him a target [glass surface of a partition. The Nerf gun has suction tipped sponge bullets, and works on a air gun principle where you charge it and shoot, six bullets in the barrel.








As parents we sometimes wonder at how these new inventions are made and how they catch the attention of our kids. I think I am going to research this subject a bit more…but later, now it is my turn to shoot with the Nerf gun.

Adios friends, thanks for reading!

Stress free in Mumbai? Dream come true

The Times of India-IMRB Quality of Life Survey perceived Mumbaikars as being most stressed among residents of eight mega-cities. Are you surprised?

If you are a homeschooler who has gotten out of the rat-race and fast pace of life, you will read this article differently than most people. And if you are not, there is hope at the end of this article!


This is the article in today’s Times of India 15th Dec 2011.

Fast lane leads to more stress than elsewhere

Malathy Iyer | TNN 

    Mumbai’s 24×7 rhythm has earned it many sobriquets, but there is a growing realization that the Maximum City’s never at-sleep tag comes at a costly price — namely, stress. High stress levels, say doctors, result from the zip-zap-zoom lifestyle Mumbaikars are forced to adopt. 
    There is the lure of bigger salaries, better work culture, better infrastructure and opportunities. But if you consider aspects such as travelling like packed sardines, extra-long working hours and near-zero recreation facilities, Mumbaikars don’t have it easy on many fronts. 
    Not surprisingly then, respondents in The Times Of India-IMRB Quality of Life Survey perceived Mumbaikars as being most stressed among residents of eight mega-cities. Mumbai scored a bleak 2 for the parameter Lifestyle (Relaxed) in the category Peace of Mind. 


    Psychiatrist Dr. Harish Shetty equates Mumbai’s stress problem with five Is and one M. “There is growing insomnia, irritability, isolation, impulsivity and impotency, and there is a lot of mistrust. All this spells high stress,” he says. 
    The city’s social fabric has also undergone a change. “The city’s strength was its heterogeneity and ability to absorb each and every section of society. But the same factor has now resulted in ghettos based on communities or eating habits,” says Shetty. He also blames competitiveness. “The thirst to keep up with the Joneses seems worse in Mumbai. If your neighbor is going on a foreign trip, you want to keep up.” 
    Psychiatrist Dr. Bharat Shah, who consults at Lilavati Hospital, says, “The city’s geography is such that it doesn’t help one relax.” For instance, travelling either north-south or east-west can be a chore. “The linear layout only results in traffic bottlenecks, be it on roads or the railway,” says Dr Sanjay Kumawat, superintendent at Thane Mental Hospital. 
    Other aspects of travelling also leave Mumbaikars thoroughly stressed out. “There is so much overcrowding that the quality of travel is poor. As a result, one is bound to have a fight with a fellow commuter,” says Dr. Vishal Sawant, who heads the psychiatry department of civic-run Cooper Hospital, Juhu. 
    Mumbaikars find it hard to nullify the harmful effects of stress as rest and recreation is practically an alien concept here. Says Shah, “Blame it on transport or the need for extra competitiveness that forces people to work more, but there is practically no time to rejuvenate or relax. The margin between healthy and unhealthy is becoming narrower.” 
    The strong middle-class quality of the city too is being eroded. “Drugs were hitherto unheard of in conservative and middle-class society. But now Vile Parle households are grappling with the habit,” says Shetty. Worse, the extended family support system is no longer around. “For youngsters, celebrations mean heading to a bar,” adds Kumawat. 
    While many Mumbaikars cope with stress by taking up yoga, gym or hobbies, some fail to do so. “Daily stress can become distress. When this distress becomes chronic, there is a high chance of depression,” says Shah. 
    There are no easy solutions, but Shetty recommends a simple strategy: smile and talk more with one another. 
A 2010 survey conducted by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations found that India’s rapid economic expansion had boosted corporate profits and employee incomes, but had sparked a surge of workplace stress and lifestyle diseases. Commissioned by Regus, 57 % workers in the corporate sector in India (including Mumbai) reported an increase in stress over two years. The focus on profitability stressed 45 % of Indian workers.
[End of TOI article]


Money is seen as more important than man.



There are a few individuals and families who have taken a conscious decision to come out of the hurry-worry cycle that is Mumbai.

They are not following the crowd. They are setting the pace, being in the fore front of a different life style that many can only dream of.


Wow, how can that be, you may well ask!


There are a few pre-requisites before you can do that though!

Firstly you need to be aware of the purpose of your life.

For many people it is simply earning money, for satisfying their own needs like a house, a vacation or some other stuff which they can accumulate.

For such people, what gives them a sense of worth is their possessions and accomplishments.

If you are one of them, relax.

You are valuable enough as you are! The very fact that you have life shows how much love and value your Creator has for you, does it not?

But what if you believe in the ‘No God’ theory?

That is a big problem, because then you may believe that you have no implicit value, because you have just ‘evolved’ accidentally or something! That probably explains why you work so hard to be valued, get acceptance, love or respect.

Please think about it seriously. Stress is the direct result of this never ending working to gain.

Beliefs are very important, and there are good resources to help you know the truth about these matters.

Secondly you need to identify your priorities.

Is it work or family or something else? Like yourself?

Jesus said simply “Mathew 6:21
your heart will always be where your treasure is.” That means the area where you spend your maximum time and energy is where your heart really is, despite whatever you may talk or feel.

I would request you to re-evaluate your life priorities in the light of the eternal value it has for you. This life is short, it will soon be past. Would you not like your life to last beyond this life time?

Want to know more?

Write to me at

Out of the world

It was almost like an out of the world experience. Here I was following this guy, as he was walking a few feet ahead. I could see his anger radiating out like hot yellow rays! It was as if I was experiencing all his emotions in colour.

He reached the junction and exploded in ager at someone standing there, who was blocking his way. The yellow sparks that flew out almost blinded me…wow, I said, what anger. He continued walking, fast. I was just able to catch up.

I could see the anger boiling inside him as the phone call came. Why you called me, he muttered under his breath. I could feel that he was very angry at his wife for having called him. He tried to speak normally but I could see it all in colour.


I saw his mind literally…the hurt and anger inside. It was not a pretty sight at all. I sensed that he was irritated with his wife for having called him to check where he was. He was feeling hurt inside, maybe saying inside, what, doesn’t she trust me to reach in time? The hurt was like some deep pain which was causing him to literally explode at her. The pain inside I could see as shades of red.

I felt like calling the fire brigade. This was a serious hazard.

I looked around at other people. There was a lady waiting for a bus. Her emotions were green, and yellow. I tuned into them and discovered that they were equally bad. Jealousy was literally eating her up from the inside, coupled with rage.

I saw yellow, red, green everywhere. God, these are really hurting people, I said.

Then a strange thing happened. Yes, I heard! I looked around, and suddenly felt God was besides me. Pure white, with an emotion like no other I have yet experienced. I could feel His love flowing out, the peace He wanted these people to experience.

God, I said. You are so awesome….. and yet the people you created go through life with such anger, hate, jealousy… why oh Lord.

They have looked elsewhere for what they want, everywhere except to me, said the Lord.

I understood. We all were at war, within ourselves and against others. All of us, when seen by God, are walking around with violent colours, anger, rage, jealousy, coveting, greed, lust and so on. How horrible we must be looking. To God, and to others. And yet, it is beyond belief that God does not look at that husband the way his wife looks, with disappointment and indifference.

God was in Christ making peace between the world and himself, not putting their sins to their account, and having given to us the preaching of this news of peace.

Rom 8:1 For this cause those who are in Christ Jesus will not be judged as sinners.

Rom 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.

Rom 8:3 For what the law was not able to do because it was feeble through the flesh, God, sending his Son in the image of the evil flesh, and as an offering for sin, gave his decision against sin in the flesh:

Rom 8:4 So that what was ordered by the law might be done in us, who are living, not in the way of the flesh, but in the way of the Spirit.

Even Einstein was wrong? Then who can be trusted?

If the greatest scientist, Albert Einstein was wrong about the speed of light and nothing moving faster than light, I do not know any man I can trust….HOWZZAT!

Fresh test affirms Einstein is wrong
Times of India 19th Nov 2011

New Experiment Shows Sub-Atomic Particles Called Neutrinos Travel Faster Than Light

Something moves faster than light

London: A new experiment appears to provide further evidence that Einstein may have been wrong when he laid down that nothing could go faster than the speed of light, a theory that underpins modern thinking on how the universe works.
The new evidence, challenging a dogma of science that has stood since Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity in 1905, appeared to confirm that sub-atomic particles called neutrinos could travel fractions of a second faster.
A new experiment at the Gran Sasso laboratory, using a neutrino beam from CERN in Switzerland, 720 km away, was held to check similar findings in September 2010 by a team of scientists which were greeted with some scepticism.
Scientists at the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) said in a statement that their new tests aimed to exclude one potential systematic effect that may have affected the original measurement.
“A measurement so delicate and carrying a profound implication on physics requires an extraordinary level of scrutiny,” said Fernando Ferroni, president of the INFN.
“The positive outcome of the test makes us more confident in the result, although a final word can only be said by analogous measurements performed elsewhere in the world.”
An international team of scientists shocked the scientific world with the original findings in September. That first finding was recorded when 15,000 neutrino beams were pumped over three years from CERN to Gran Sasso, an underground Italian laboratory near Rome.
Physicists on the experiment, called OPERA after the initials of its formal scientific title, said they had checked and rechecked over many months anything that could have produced a misreading before announcing what they had found.
If confirmed, scientists say the findings could show that Einstein — father of modern physics — was wrong when he laid down in his theory of special relativity that the speed of light was a “cosmic constant”, and nothing could go faster.

It seems we need to take a major dose of humility and say “God, you are the Creator, and you know everything, we are sorry to even pretend to be God”

Are you in the 21st Century?

Prannoy Roy, a talk show host from India, asked a question to a leader in one of his interviews “Are you in the 21st Century?”

Times have changed!

The leader must have said something that to Roy seemed so old-fashioned.

Like going on a vacation in a bullock cart. Or sending your precious kids to an institutional school.

Hey, wait a minute! What do you mean, you would ask!

Exactly…..what do I mean?

Prannoy may have a certain concept of what constitutes 21st Century. Maybe fuel propelled vehicles with 4 wheels or more, instant communication with people around the world, medical advances etc.

In the same way most people at present also have a certain idea when they think of the 21st Century.

That doesn’t mean the majority is right, does it?

The majority thought the earth was flat 1000 years ago, so what?

The majority send their kids to school, so what?

What the majority are realising slowly now is that times are changing….and are seeing that more and more parents are taking a conscious decision to provide something better for their childrens future than sending them to instituitional organisationss called schools.

Are you in the 21st Century?

Let us look at the 22nd Century perhaps….when parenting and education would not be outsourced to so called experts.

When parents and children spend time together learning and having fun, developing bonds that will last a lifetime.

Times have indeed changed

When the Government and Commerce would stop trying to fit all individuals into uniform molds called ‘good consumers or useful slaves’ for their own benefit.

Let the movement roll on.

Jai Hind.

My patients

Being a Doctor and especially a Physician in Private Practice provides me with unparalleled glimpses into the lives of a vast spectrum of people. Rich or poor, sad or happy, the variety is amazing.

I am privileged to be a part of and help so many lives. I thank God for that.

God has given me two ears and two eyes but only one mouth. I believe He has a purpose for that.

As a Doctor I believe my main part in their therapy is in listening to my patients, and their relatives. More than half the treatment comes with empathic listening.

I will be putting up some of my experiences with patients here, with the aim of improving the present Doctor Patient relationships and also providing some entertainment in a depressing world.