Passion meets Purpose

Whatever you are passionate about, you do. If you enjoy cave diving, it becomes your passion. You enjoy travel, it becomes your passion.

You talk about it, think about it, plan on how to do it….you understand it, tight?

What about purpose? People are born with an inbuilt need to find purpose in their lives. The eternal question that we all ask ourselves, why am I here in the first place?

And we all instinctively realise that true purpose is tied to something outside ourselves, to something greater that our self.

Why do I say that? Read on to find out.

A wise man said: Blessed are you, if you find your passion and your purpose meeting together, aligning and building up one another.

There are some professions where this happens more than others.

For example, those who are passionate about healing and find themselves in healthcare. They find purpose i their lives daily. How blessed are they indeed.

But you may ask, what about cave diving? What purpose would it serve?

Recently a few boys got trapped in a cave in Thailand and the whole world was watching how the rescue operations were underway. It was very risky. The cave was submerged, underground and the boys were hundreds of meters away from the accessible entrances.

The world’s best cave diver had this to say after the rescue mission



Passion and Purpose. I hope you are passionate about your purpose in life. God bless!




The land of new beginnings

Hayastan. What a land!

As it is believed, all people who inhabit this earth today are descended from Noah and his three sons, who along with their wives were the only survivors of the great flood which happened over five thousand years ago.

The ark in which Noah and his family were kept safe landed in the mountains of the Ararat range.

After it was safe for them to go out Noah and his family left the ark and the very first steps they took was in the land presently called Armenia, or Hayastan by locals.

History tells us that their first stop after that was the place in present day Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. From there they continued to present day Iraq, and started multiplying. As recorded in the Bible, after the tower of Babel, people dispersed and settled all over the world.

The reason this account is so vital is that it shows that all humans are related. We are all brothers and sisters with one great great great grandfather, Noah.

We visited this beautiful land is Armenia and find that the people here are friendly, pretty and hopeful for a future where the Prince of Peace will bring peace through all who are called by His name.

Lunch at the art of Noah’s church in Ararat

At the church in Khor Virap where St. Gregory was incarcerated in the 3rd Century

Indians meet their distant cousin sisters in Armenia

At present Armenia as a nation has neighbours who are jealous of it and try to destroy it.

The Armenian genocide took place from 1915 when over two million people residing in western Armenia where killed and many forcibly converted to Islam by the Young Turk party. That was when western Armenia including Mount Ararat were given to Turkey.

Azerbaijan, again a part of Eastern Armenia was signed off by Stalin to settlers there who again went about destroying Christian monuments.

Inspite of such immature actions, Armenians continue to work hard, and their diaspora in various countries continue to help rebuild the nation as the new Prime Minister starts his mission following the Velvet revolution that took place in May,2018, a few weeks before we are scheduled to visit.

The country is beautiful and has many places worth visiting. It’s strategically placed between Europe and Asia and has many common features.

I wish this country all the best for the future.

Explained: How to apply for your Passport

Applying for a passport in India online: What you need to know, explained in real simple language.

As you may be knowing, since you are reading this online, presumably, you can apply for a passport online and finish the main formalities before presenting yourself to the nearest Passport Seva Kendra.

It all looks so intimidating, people say. How can I know where to go, what to download, and how to fill and save and submit?

Well, relax, here I have tried to make it as simple as possible J

The first step is to locate the website!

Just type passport in Google search and viola… here it is, or click on the link here:

This is how it looks [as of today]

You need to register here if you are a new user, or login if you have applied here earlier. If you have forgotten your password, relax, they will send you a link to your email that you must use within two hours of your request, to change your password.

Once you log in, you must download the passport application form which is a pdf document. For this you need to do the following:

Online Form Submission

Step 1    Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal. (Click on “Register” link under the Apply section on the Home Page).

Step 2    Login to the Passport Seva Online Portal with the registered Login Id.

Step 3    Click “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” link.

Step 4    Fill in the required details in the form and submit.

Which form, you may ask!?

The form is a pdf which has blanks which you can fill is.

Download it to your PC from the link given on the website

Choose the form which applies to you, either fresh, or Diplomatic etc as shown below

Version 2 is the one available after 22nd August 2014 [now] and since I had filled version 1 a few months before, I had to copy paste from that pdf to this new one which I downloaded today the 29th of August 2014.

You need to fill in all the details accurately on your PC using adobe acrobat which is a free program for opening and editing this pdf file.

You can then save the pdf in the name of the person whose application it is or any file name of your choice. All your data will be safe in it, and you can even edit it at a later date if needed.


Once you have filled all the data in the pdf, you will need to go to the bottom of the pdf and click on the button shown above, the VALIDATE AND SAVE.

This will save your data in a file called xml. This is the file that you will need to upload when you apply online.



Note: Before uploading e-Form XML, please ensure that the XML has been generated using a compatible version of Adobe Reader (9 or above). We shall not be able to service your request in case the generated XML (from filled e-Form) is found to be tampered in anyway.


Once your xml has been uploaded, and you have confirmed the contents, clock ok and viola!

You will get this message…..


Your form has been submitted successfully.

Your Application Reference Number(ARN) is: 14-xyz1247980

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Pay and Schedule Appointment

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Print Application Receipt

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Upload Supporting Documents




The availability of appointments at the PSK is shown as below:

Appointment Availability #

RPO Mumbai

PSK Malad

Appointment available for 10/09/2014

PSK Lower Parel

Appointment available for 12/09/2014

PSK Andheri

Appointment available for 16/09/2014

Earliest appointment availability date is as per pool of normal appointment quota. However appointments against cancellation may become available prior to the displayed date.





So you can select the payment option you want as shown:



If you take too long to complete the payment [more than five minutes!], as it happened with me, you will get this message!


Now where is the ‘Schedule appointment’ link?? It is the one which says: View Saved/Submitted Applications! If only they would mention that in the first place!

Anyway, go there and select the application for which you have made the payment and wish to take an appointment.

It will show the earliest date available, and you have to select that. There is no option to select a date of your choice.



Once you book the appointment, you can print an application receipt and take it with you when you go to the PSK at the time selected.

Have fun applying for a passport and do let me know if you encountered any problems, or if this post helped you J

Thanks for reading!

No poking, please!

Road safety is being taken seriously at last. Here is one more step to make driving safer especially for two wheelers who can suddenly hit these protruding rods which were being carried on trucks. Another important need is to ban trucks carrying sand and dirt which spill on the road and cause fatal skidding of two wheelers. In the UAE such trucks are fined the heaviest, with one fine going up to 50,000 INR or more.

No rods, poles: Trucks can’t carry cargo that pokes out


MUMBAI: In a bid to make road journeys safer, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Friday issued a public notice barring trucks and tempos, among other vehicles transporting goods, from carrying poles, iron rods and any such cargo that protrudes out and can be a danger to commuters.


Transporters will have to seek special permission to carry iron rods or poles and any such thing that can protrude out of their vehicles. If they don’t comply, they will have to pay a fine.

If any vehicle is found flouting this norm, it will invite a fine under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, stated the public notice.

“As per the earlier provision of the Motor Vehicles Act, vehicles transporting goods were allowed to carry material, which stick out up to one metre. But to make road journeys safer, the Union government has created this new provision in the l aw,” said Satish Sahasrabudhe, acting transport commissioner.

The regional transport offices (RTOs) have already been informed about the changed rule, he said, adding that RTO officials have been directed to ensure its implementation.

According to motor vehicle department officials, for transporting protruding material, transporters will have to seek special permission from various agencies, including their department.

“Transporters will have to apply for special permission, as taken by those transporting over-dimensional consignment,” said a senior motor vehicle department official.

RTO officials, however, feel that to deter transporters from flouting the norm, the Union government should increase the fine.

“Presently, a fine of Rs100 will be imposed on transporters flouting the norms,” said a senior RTO official, requesting anonymity. An increase in the fine amount will deter transporters from flouting the norm, he added.

  • 19 Jul 2014
  • Hindustan Times (Mumbai)
  • Kailash Korde