Everything about the new Mumbai Metro

On the 2nd of April 2022, the Yellow and Red Line Metros started in North West Mumbai.

The train has arrived!

Here are some important things and useful features in this train to note:

Initial runs have started from Dahanukarwadi in Kandivali West, north along the Link Road, until Dahisar, and then southwards from the Western Express Highway till Aarey in Goregaon East.

The map is as shown here

Latest Metro Map

Even though there are two different colors, right now the same train runs all the way from Dahanukarwadi to Aarey. There is no need to change at Dahisar East as the map seems to indicate. I am not sure why two different colors were chosen in the first place.

The stations are clean and disabled-friendly. There are stairs, escalators as well as lifts.

The counter staff are also friendly.

Counters for the disabled or differently-abled are also present

There are ticket vending machines that were not operational as of the date of writing this.

Ticket vending machines and spacious lower level station

The tickets are priced reasonably. As of now, cash is accepted. Soon, you will be able to use other modes of payment like cards or UPI.

The ticket is a paper slip with a QR code.

Ticket Slip one way

Even if you book a return ticket, you will get two slips, one for each leg of the journey. Please preserve the slip till you exit the station as you will need to swipe it twice, one at entry and the other at the exit.

Once you exit, there is a box where you can dispose of the used slip.

Token disposal box

After you buy the ticket, you can enter the station which is on another level.

At the entry, there is a security check. After that, you need to scan the QR code on the slip and the gate opens, allowing you entry.

Entry check

You can ascend to the platform level using stairs, a lift, or escalators. Signages and other facilities are of world-class standards.

I used the Metro to work and back today.

The Metro train ride

Unique features in the cabin:

The cabins are spacious, clean, and bright. I enjoyed the short ride to my workplace.

The display is also very good, with the latest technology.

Display screens are great!

Each station is announced in advance and the screen also has a dynamic video screen that displays relevant content.

The cabins also have space for carrying your cycles, and for wheelchairs as well. There are also USB power outlets adjacent to this.

Cycle stands and USB chargers

The idea is to cycle to and from the Metro and carry your cycle to work. This will definitely help in a greener transport alternative.

Wheelchair and Cycle space
Space for cycles!

I felt that the planning and layout were very scientific and humane.

There are USB power outlets at various places along the walls. I did not test them.

USB power outlets
Cycle stand on the Metro

There are several useful signages as well which are worth noting:

How to carry bags
Where not to lean!

There is an emergency Intercom facility as well.

Emergency communication
Basic courtesy needs to be informed at times

And remember this is a train, not a hotel! Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited.


The grab handles also have spots for advertising I guess!

Private car experience!

For me, this Metro is a great blessing as both my home and work are close to the station. But even if you are a bit far from the Metro station, you can cycle down or use other modes of transport, and then take the Metro to wherever you want.

We had relatives from Goregaon who visited, and they warned us that we will be getting a lot more visitors since our house has become so accessible! A trip that would have taken them 50 minutes by road took only 20 minutes.

Well done MMRDA and Mumbai Metro.

Great job, Mumbai Metro team!

I am sure this will reduce the vehicular traffic on the roads.

Looking forward to a green and clean future!


Published by Dr. S. P. Mathew

A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

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