Fitness tracking

As a Medical Doctor who loves to stay healthy, I have  been exercising fairly regularly, or so I thought! To objectively document my moves I did try out four different wearable devices that were supposed to help give me the data I needed, [mainly my heart rate and the number of steps I walked]. ImagineContinue reading “Fitness tracking”

Pineapples and Poison

Pineapples are grown in Kerala on land used for rubber plantation by a group of people who usually rent out these lands from the owners. They plant the pineapple plants in between the rubber trees, use fertilizers and pesticides to ensure a big harvest of pineapples which will flower at the same time to enableContinue reading “Pineapples and Poison”

Times Mumbai salutes Forum

CITIZENS FOR THE CITY Mumbaikars battle to reclaim city In 2010, Ordinary Citizens Had Authorities Perennially On Their Toes With Fervid Activism — Linah Baliga Milk adulteration racket busted —Sukhada Tatke Times of India Mumbai edition 27th December 2010 page 5 It started with the residents of Borivli, Kandivli and Dahisar complaining that the milkContinue reading “Times Mumbai salutes Forum”