Mirror beach near Mumbai

During the COVID pandemic, I was longing for a break for myself and my family. The last break we had taken was in December 2020. So as the second wave hit Mumbai and indeed the entire world in March, I was working as always, juggling online and walk in patients at our Hospital in North Mumbai.

As soon as the kids finished with their online exams and assignments, we planned to take a small break. I explored AirBNB and did find some interesting places but their website was glitching so that led me to use Google Maps and Google earth to zoom in on some promising places.

We first selected Alibag, since it is within four hours drive. My last memories of Alibag were not pleasant at all, a rocky beach streen with garbage, debris and stinking.

So this time I selected a place right near a beach that looked nice. We reached there in four hours. The beach was amazing. It was big, flat and here are some pics!

Mirror beach

The setting sun and the receding tide gave us a glimpse of an amazingly beautiful scene.

I have never seen a beach like this.


I went for a morning walk, and saw another side of this pristine beach.

Fisherfolk at the beach

The local fisherfolk use this beautiful beach for doing their big job. I was shocked to see many men doing this in the morning.

Fishermen shitting on the beach [top right]
Local fisherfolk deposited this

Local fishermen say that they have been using this beach for defecation since many generations. One said that they do the same at Worli, sensing somehow that I am from the city.

I asked them, dont you have toilets in your home?

He said, yes they do, but they like to do it in the open, where there is fresh breeze. He seemed reluctant to stop this.

I informed him about the danger from fecal coliforms. I felt that was the best I would do in the short time I was there.

I hope the local administration will tacke this ina socially acceptable manner and that this practice will stop.

Dumped by locals

I also saw locals bringing in these plantain trees and dumping them as well on the beach.

I wish that all of the people here would be good stewards of God’s wonderful creation that they have been entrusted with to care, protect and keep clean.

Hard working sea creatures on the beack

The beach is full of hard working creatures who do their job after every tide. These tiny creatures make burrows in the sand and roll out these small round balls of earth.

There are also many colourful shells and creatures all around.

Shells from the beach

The beach is beautiful but you need to see this as well

The waves return whatever is not needed

I would like to appeal to people to please be careful where you throw trash. The sea will return whatever it cannot degrade.

The beach still retains its magical charm, as you can see from the pictures I am sharing here. I wish this beach to remain anonymous, somehow hoping that this will protect the fragile beauty of this amazing place.

Mirror beach
A private beach for us

Wishing you many short breaks in the days to come, stay safe and happy!

Published by Dr. S. P. Mathew

A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

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