Red Alert for Planet Earth

I am writing this in June 2023, and I do not know how many more years are left for our planet.

Seven of eight earth system boundaries (ESBs) that are critical for stability of the planet’s health and survival of species have already been crossed, a new research paper by the Earth Commission published in Nature journal flagged on Wednesday, suggesting that the very future of humanity may now be at risk from the climate crisis.

The world has already passed the safe and just climate boundary, which is set at 1 degree C above pre industrial temperature levels, as tens of millions of people are already harmed by the current level of climate change

Transgression of ESBs is spatially widespread, with two or more ESBs already transgressed for 52% of the world’s land surface, affecting 86% of the global population, the paper said. India, along with other parts of South Asia, Europe, parts of Africa is a ESB transgression hotspot according to a map provided by researchers with the Himalayan foothills experiencing at least five ESB transgressions, the analysis indicated.

Prayer and action are both vital. If you wish to be a part of the change, here are some tips:

Here are two simple tips to reduce use of non-renewable energy:

Walk instead of drive:

On average, a car emits around 2.3 kilograms of CO2 per liter of gasoline consumed. Let’s assume the car being driven for 30 kilometers per day has a fuel efficiency of 10 kilometers per liter. That would result in consuming 3 liters of gasoline for the 30-kilometer trip. Multiplying this by the average carbon emissions per liter (2.3 kg CO2) gives an estimate of 6.9 kilograms of CO2 emitted per day for driving.

Walking, on the other hand, produces negligible direct carbon emissions. Therefore, by choosing to walk instead of driving, you would save the emissions associated with the car’s fuel consumption.

Reuse water bottles.:

A study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters estimated that reusing a plastic bottle 50 times could potentially reduce its carbon footprint by about 60% compared to using 50 single-use bottles.

It’s worth noting that the environmental impact of water bottles extends beyond carbon emissions. Plastic pollution and resource consumption are also significant concerns. To have a more comprehensive understanding of the environmental benefits of reusing water bottles, it is recommended to consider these broader aspects as well.

Ultimately, reusing water bottles is just one aspect of sustainable behavior. Combining it with other environmentally conscious actions, such as reducing overall plastic consumption, recycling, and using alternative reusable containers, can contribute to a more significant positive impact on the environment.

These two simple tips alone can potentially save the earth from ESBs.

God bless.

Machine Assisted Medication Dispensor

As a Medical Doctor who has been involved in improving patient’s compliance and adherence to medications, this is a suggested solution which is my own idea:


As age advances, the medicines needed to be consumed increase in quantity and frequency.

With advancing age, hand-eye coordination and memory both decline.

Hence it is vital that a Robotic Medicine Dispenser is developed, that can stock, dispense and reorder medicines.

My team is closely involved in developing this life-transforming device.

Await this space for further developments.

Abortion: straight talk

As soon as a woman finds out that she is pregnant, what is her reaction? For many, it is a moment of joy. When does she find out that she is pregnant?

Usually, it is when the periods are missed. Doctors ask what was the LMP, or Last Menstrual Period, to determine the probable age of the unborn child.

This is a time for celebration and joy for the woman and her immediate family.

Now let me ask you a simple question: Would the mother-to-be celebrate the fact that she is pregnant if she knows that the unborn child is not a human being or does not have a life?

A beautiful moment: Photo by Georgia Maciel on

The answer is obvious, isn’t it? Our hearts know this.

Strangely, so-called experts in Medicine have been confused, and have successfully confused the public. They claim that an unborn child does not have a life! Especially a life that is worth protecting.

I guess it all depends on the value one places on human life.

Nations and cultures that have a Christian foundation affirm that life is a gift from our Creator. All life is precious, from the moment of conception to death. There is infinite value in every human being, born or unborn. This is why the Bible states that God the Creator came down in human form and not as an animal or bird.

It makes logical sense too, because all around the world, people celebrate as soon as they discover that they are pregnant. It is an occasion for great joy.

Nations and cultures that have a Christian foundation affirm that life is a gift from our Creator. All human life is precious, from the moment of conception to death. There is infinite value in every human being, born or unborn. This is why the Bible states that God the Creator came down in human form and not as an animal or bird.

The New Testament

Why would you celebrate as soon as you find you are pregnant if you thought that the baby you are carrying does not have a life?

What do some scientists want us to believe? When according to them does the unborn have life, if at all? Mind you, this exercise is only to avoid the charge of murder to fall on them.

Abortion is one of the controversial issues discussed in medical ethics. We can formulate the argument which is put forward by the opponents of abortion as follows: 1) fetus has to be regarded as human being; 2) killing an innocent human being is morally wrong; 3) aborting is an example of killing and terminating a human being’s life. So, being engaged in aborting is morally wrong.

Some doctors have arrogantly taken a stand where they say “This is not about logic or clinical meaning. This is about people outside of medicine making determinations that all pregnancies must continue…

This sounds so dictatorial! As if all wisdom related to this topic is only to be found with people inside Medicine! Mind you, I am a Medical Doctor, and I can say with full confidence that there is a lot of wisdom to be found elsewhere as well, not to talk of the wisdom that comes from above.

A strange idea

Unfortunately, there’s no agreement in medicine, philosophy or theology as to what stage of foetal development should be associated with the right to life.

That isn’t surprising, because the idea that there is a precise moment when a foetus gets the right to live, which it didn’t have a few moments earlier, feels very strange.

And when you look closely at each of the suggested dates, they do seem either arbitrary or not precise enough to decide whether the unborn should have the right to live.

Nonetheless, as a matter of practicality many abortion laws lay down a stage of pregnancy after which abortion is unlawful (because the foetus has a right to life), and the dates chosen are usually based on viability.

Moral issues

Because of the difficulty of deciding at what stage a foetus becomes a being with the right to life, some people argue that we should always err in favour of an earlier date.

They say that if we don’t know whether the foetus has reached a stage where it has the right to life, we should assume that it does have the right to life, as this will do the least damage to the foetus.


Some people say that if the foetus is not a person, then abortion deserves no condemnation. This oversimplifies the issues. Even if the foetus is not a human being, it is clearly regarded by most people and most societies as something special that should not be casually discarded.

Men and women are both equally responsible for the sex act. In this fallen world, sex can also be forced, and that is a crime that must be dealt with as per the law.

Others have pointed out a different picture in response to the abortion issue.

The effects of sex

But this shows how something beautiful and mutually enjoyable as sex has been distorted in our culture. Clearly, something is fundamentally wrong with the picture above: this tries to equate sex with negative outcomes. And it also portrays a very sad view of what could happen if you conceive.

If you feel that you agree, or disagree with whatever has been shared, I would love to hear your comments.

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Bicycle to and from the Metro station

To ensure that commuters are able to travel to and from the Metro station to their homes or places of work in an enviroment friendly and healthy manner, MMRDA has tied up with a company called Mybyk to provide bicycles for rent outside the Metro stations.

Not only that, they have even painted a yellow lane for use by cyclists!

I had earlier written in detail about our new Mumbai metro here [link opens in new tab]

Cycles and a cycle lane outside Kandarpada Metro Station, Link Road, Dahisar West

These bikes are smart pedal bikes, with an app-based locking and unlocking facility. Commuters can take it for rent at a nominal cost.

QR code-based locking and unlocking of the cycle

These bicycles will definitely help in many ways to improve Mumbai.

They will improve the health of the user, especially their cardiovascular fitness.

They will be zero carbon-emitting modes of transport, and thus are beneficial for the environment.

Ready for a ride?

Wishing all commuters a very healthy and happy ride.

This article is part of the Mumbai Transformation Initiative and brought to you by the New Link Road Residents Forum, of which I am an active member.

Upcoming Seminar: Basic Exercises for health

Ever wonder what are the exercises you can do to remain healthy?

You have come to the right place!

As part of our Life Enrichment Series, we present: Basic Exercises for health

Basic Exercises

This seminar is free and for all ages, but our focus is on adults and seniors.

Resource persons: Health and Fitness Consultants, Occupational and Physiotherapists, and Medical Team of Ashok One Hospital

Date: 29th April 2022

Time: 5 PM sharp

Venue: Hope Centre, IC Colony, Borivali West.

Click here to register

Everything about the new Mumbai Metro

On the 2nd of April 2022, the Yellow and Red Line Metros started in North West Mumbai.

The train has arrived!

Here are some important things and useful features in this train to note:

Initial runs have started from Dahanukarwadi in Kandivali West, north along the Link Road, until Dahisar, and then southwards from the Western Express Highway till Aarey in Goregaon East.

The map is as shown here

Latest Metro Map

Even though there are two different colors, right now the same train runs all the way from Dahanukarwadi to Aarey. There is no need to change at Dahisar East as the map seems to indicate. I am not sure why two different colors were chosen in the first place.

The stations are clean and disabled-friendly. There are stairs, escalators as well as lifts.

The counter staff are also friendly.

Counters for the disabled or differently-abled are also present

There are ticket vending machines that were not operational as of the date of writing this.

Ticket vending machines and spacious lower level station

The tickets are priced reasonably. As of now, cash is accepted. Soon, you will be able to use other modes of payment like cards or UPI.

The ticket is a paper slip with a QR code.

Ticket Slip one way

Even if you book a return ticket, you will get two slips, one for each leg of the journey. Please preserve the slip till you exit the station as you will need to swipe it twice, one at entry and the other at the exit.

Once you exit, there is a box where you can dispose of the used slip.

Token disposal box

After you buy the ticket, you can enter the station which is on another level.

At the entry, there is a security check. After that, you need to scan the QR code on the slip and the gate opens, allowing you entry.

Entry check

You can ascend to the platform level using stairs, a lift, or escalators. Signages and other facilities are of world-class standards.

I used the Metro to work and back today.

The Metro train ride

Unique features in the cabin:

The cabins are spacious, clean, and bright. I enjoyed the short ride to my workplace.

The display is also very good, with the latest technology.

Display screens are great!

Each station is announced in advance and the screen also has a dynamic video screen that displays relevant content.

The cabins also have space for carrying your cycles, and for wheelchairs as well. There are also USB power outlets adjacent to this.

Cycle stands and USB chargers

The idea is to cycle to and from the Metro and carry your cycle to work. This will definitely help in a greener transport alternative.

Wheelchair and Cycle space
Space for cycles!

I felt that the planning and layout were very scientific and humane.

There are USB power outlets at various places along the walls. I did not test them.

USB power outlets
Cycle stand on the Metro

There are several useful signages as well which are worth noting:

How to carry bags
Where not to lean!

There is an emergency Intercom facility as well.

Emergency communication
Basic courtesy needs to be informed at times

And remember this is a train, not a hotel! Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited.


The grab handles also have spots for advertising I guess!

Private car experience!

For me, this Metro is a great blessing as both my home and work are close to the station. But even if you are a bit far from the Metro station, you can cycle down or use other modes of transport, and then take the Metro to wherever you want.

We had relatives from Goregaon who visited, and they warned us that we will be getting a lot more visitors since our house has become so accessible! A trip that would have taken them 50 minutes by road took only 20 minutes.

Well done MMRDA and Mumbai Metro.

Great job, Mumbai Metro team!

I am sure this will reduce the vehicular traffic on the roads.

Looking forward to a green and clean future!

Natural COVID infection and active Immunity?

I got a natural COVID infection in September 2020. I wrote about my experience here.

I kept testing myself for antibody levels and saw that my levels remained detectable well over 8 months. Subsequently, I got busy with my regular Medical practice.

During the New Year celebration [and my wedding anniversary as well!], as a result of probably going to the theatre and then having dinner at a restaurant on the 27th December 2021, my wife and sister-in-law developed fever and body pain after 2 days. Both are double vaccinated [COVISHIELD], but tested positive by RT PCR on 01/01/2022. My 15-year-old daughter Nancy who was not vaccinated also tested positive and developed high fever and body pain.

I was in the same room with my wife and daughter since my sister-in-law’s family also shifted to our house as soon as they got fever [They had come for a visit from Bangalore].

As soon as I came to know that I have been in close contact with two RT PCR positive COVID cases for over 3 days, I did a few tests.

Firstly I did my RT PCR test [since I am a Healthcare worker] and it came negative. I also did my Antibody test

My COVID Antibody report of 2nd Jan 2022

The other blood tests were normal including CRP and CBC.


Natural active immunity following Corona Virus infection was acquired by me in September 2020 [almost 15 months ago], before the COVID vaccines were launched.

19 Differences between Active Immunity and Passive Immunity - Microbe Notes
4 types of immunity to COVID-19

I do not have any other comorbidities like Diabetes or Heart disease.

I make sure I eat healthily, meditate on God’s word, and do regular exercise at the club.

I play badminton 5 days a week at the club and do a bit of gym daily in the morning.

Free Vector | Badminton player silhouette collection
All-round exercise

I checked my Antibody levels periodically and they were positive ever since I got natural COVID infection in Sept 2020.

Hence I did not take the vaccine, you can read about it by clicking here.

Even though I was exposed to the COVID virus in the last five days at home in Dec 2021-Jan 2022, I did not develop any signs or symptoms of COVID. My wife and other family members must have got the Omicron variant possibly, though labs in Mumbai do not yet classify variants of the Virus yet.

I am seeing many who have turned RT PCR positive in the last week, and all of them have been vaccinated, some have even taken the 3rd or booster dose from Pzifer in Dubai in December 2021.

And yet I have rarely seen patients who had COVID infection naturally, get RT PCR positive again, in this third wave.

The vaccines available now do have their role to hopefully prevent the disease from progressing to complications, and hence I would recommend that you follow the guidelines and get yourself vaccinated, especially if you have not been naturally infected by COVID yet.

We do a lot of Home monitoring for COVID RT PCR positive by our medical team.


My observations are based on our extensive experience in handling COVID patients over the last 18 months through our home monitoring program.

I hope that updated vaccines are released for COVID-19 as they are for Influenza [A vaccine I take every year and which has really helped me]

If you have been naturally infected with COVID in the third wave[ Dec 2021-Jan 2022], then there is really no point in taking the COVID booster being rolled out in Jan-Feb 22, as the vaccine that is being administered as the booster is the same one that was given last year. In the meantime, the virus has mutated many times!

Hope further research will be done on the role of natural active immunity in protecting against future COVID infections. God bless.