A contradictory Zoo

The Hyderabad Zoo, like many other Zoos across the country, faces its greatest threat from visitors, who tease the animals, throw them junk like bottles and plastic trash with food, and in general create nuisance for others and the animals.

I was glad to see that this Zoo is really very beautiful. It has huge enclosures, spacious green open spaces, and enough of distance between the animals and humans.

Figure 1 Baboons and humans

Figure 2 Baby Jackals

The entire Zoo is situated next to a huge water body which maintains its greenery and abundant flora and fauna. How incredible to see the variety of creatures God has created, I thought to myself. The intelligent designer is truly outstanding, and I regretted not getting my Nikon.

As we neared the Tiger enclosure, I saw the magnificent animal jump into the water-filled moat around its enclosure. It soon came out holding a plastic water bottle in its jaws, and I realized that someone in the crowd had thrown the bottle into the water on purpose to attract the tiger. What a sight, to see the National animal being subjected to such indignity.

Why do I treat animals with respect and dignity? Because I believe what the Lord said:

God created human beings; he created them in His image, Reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female. God blessed them: “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.”

(Genesis 1:27-28 MSG)

That is why the park authorities put up tis board at the Hyderabad Zoo which said:

Figure 3 At Hyderabad Zoo

Why do people in general then treat animals so poorly? Has it got to do with what people are being taught in school?

I believe the Theory of Evolution has had a huge impact in influencing our worldview right from a tender age.

Evolution theory says we are evolved animals.

Unfortunately, people believe that and so start behaving without any respect for any authority, resulting in abuse of these magnificent wild animals.

The Zoo also seems to be sending contradictory messages, supporting the Theory of Evolution:

Figure 4 Deer mouse, living fossil?

This board shows a contradictory belief system to the one the Zoo authorities are so desperately trying to project, one that God created you and me and all creatures.

The six ruminant families are Bovidae (cattle, sheep, goat and antelope), Cervidae (deer), Tragulidae (mouse deer). Moschidae (musk deer), Antilocapridae (pronghorn), and Giraffidae (giraffe and okapi). They are in the suborder Ruminantia because they all have the unique ruminant stomach.

Most of the public are unaware that there are literally hundreds of different types of animals and plants which are alive and well and which are essentially unchanged from the way they appear as fossils. Such facts make it difficult to believe that these forms were separated by those imagined millions of evolutionary years.

These well researched links below make for a fascinating read.



Hope this article makes some of you question evolutionary ‘assumptions’ and start thinking for yourself on these vital questions of life’s origins. Have a great time. Do feel free to share this article if you wish.

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A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

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