In memory of Elizabeth Rogin

This week has been heavy on my heart. Elizabeth Rogin, 42 years, wife of Rogin and mother to Esther and Rafael, left her physical body behind after a severe COVID infection in May 2021. Her family is very involved in our Life group, a close knit local community that is part of the Living Hope Church in North Mumbai, India.

We had all gone together for a walk arranged by our Life group into the mangroves near our house in February 2021.

Elizabeth and Rogin on a Mangrove walk in Feb 2021

Little did we know that this would be the last time she would be walking these beautiful trails with us.

The COVID pandemic is raging all across the world, and India is no exception. These are the headline news these days:

COVID statistics in India in May 2021. Each life has a story to tell

Sadly, Elizabeth became one of these numbers. The statistics are tragic in itself. But we know that statistics do not tell us anything about the human beings impacted by this pandemic. Equally tragic was the fact that her father passed away in April due to heart failure, and her mother passed away a few days after Elizabeth, due to COVID.

As a Christian, I believe that each human being is of infinite value because of the very fact that as human beings we are created in the image of the Living God. You and I have intrinsic value. I remember Elizabeth, her life, and would like her to be remembered for posterity. She has touched many lives.

I asked people who knew her to send me something about her:

Gillian wrote:

She was passionate for the advance of God’s kingdom and tried to use every opportunity to put faith into action! A gentle encourager in the faith and defence of the Gospel.
She will be missed!

Elizabeth loved God and his Word. She was very committed to different meetings. Loved to evangelize. For the study of the book of Revelation, she and her whole family used to attend. Recently she became a part of my ladies prayer group. Whenever there was a prayer request, she would pray and believe the scriptures over them. She was a woman of faith. Yet she carried such a gentle spirit. I want to thank God for her life, said Julie,

Dominic said: I remember Elizabeth to be a woman who hungered for God’s Word and eager to learn and practice sharing God’s love with the lost.
I remember she was one in our LG to step out of her comfort zone and practice sharing God’s word in Hindi. She also encouraged her children to do.
Lots to learn from her

Life Group Bible Study time

She was rooted in the Word..she had a no nonsense attitude..never hesitated to speak her mind..even if it meant having an opinion different from the room..she had a radiant smile, added Rachael.

Vinita said: I remember Elizabeth’s gentleness, her strong conviction of God’s faithfulness and her passion to see the lost saved. She was a woman who loved God’s Word and was focussed in obeying what she learnt. Though all of us are heavy burdened by the loss of Elizabeth from our midst, we are confident that she is now in the best place, she ran her race well. Her faithful life encourages me to be faithful until the Lord called me home to a place of eternal rest

Esther aunty added: Elizabeth was a wonderful woman of God. She loved and studied the Word thoroughly and was very passionate for the lost. She may not have talked much, but she was a very loving and caring person. Very respectful and considerate towards the older folks. Will miss her greatly and her smile. Will continue to pray for Rogin and the children for God’s amazing strength,grace and mercy on them.

IC Extension Life group

Jenny spoke for herself and her musician husband Cleon: Kind hearted. Caring towards the needs of others. Confident in the Saviour she worshipped. Warm and welcoming. Prayer warrior. Elizabeth will surely be missed by our family. She was very sweet and loving to us. We won’t forget Caedmon’s first day of school when she stood with Rogin, Esther and Raphael to welcome Caedmon to his school which made us feel welcomed and made it a special moment. Elizabeth was a blessing to our family also by her hospitality after Callan’s birth. Jenny added: Elizabeth will truly be missed and words cannot describe how we feel. We are blessed to have known her.

Miriam John wrote: Elizabeth was a wonderful woman of God. She loved and studied the Word thoroughly and was very passionate for the lost. She would not talk much but was very loving and caring person. Very respectful and considerate towards the older folks. Will miss her greatly and her smile. Will continue to pray for Rogin and the children for God’s amazing strength,grace and mercy on them.

For Elizabeth: beautiful smile, a zeal for God. Always ready to reach out to others needing help. Will miss you. Said Mineta Singh

Keith wrote: Elizabeth – knowledge of the Word of God, very helpful. Loved fellowship and an outdoor person.

Elizabeth was a humble person and very dedicated to Gods word, the time which we spent together in our LG saw her week after week with love for Gods word, wrote Leena.

We have had many moments when we got together as a Life group or as a Church. I remember Elizabeth as the quiet one, who would observe and help others at all times.

At an event at the Hope Centre 2018

She was at the centre at many events and get togethers that we had. She never missed any corporate gathering.

Alverna said: I admired Elizabeth a lot. Although she was a quiet reserved person , she always came alive when learning or studying God’s word and during our church teaching programs. Always asking questions and listening attentively. She had such a passion to study God’s Word. She always had so much love and care in her conversations with me. And I loved her smile. Always lighting up the room. Her Good and faithful work here on earth is so visible in her children who have a firm foundation in Jesus. I will miss seeing Elizabeth in Church and our LG gatherings but I know she is rejoicing in heaven and asking all her questions directly to Jesus.❤️

Ibel said: The time I met her personally at her home, I could see her true joy in God alone and her kind welcoming nature.. I recollect as a VBS teacher in the church, how well and simply she had explained out the message from the Word to the seniors class. She was truly interested in the salvation of every soul she met along the way.. Same goes for Rogin, her husband, together both had passion for God’s kingdom. We will miss her physical presence, but she truly inspired everyone around her to walk and grow in faith.

We held a picnic just before the 2020 lockdown and had a great time.

Sheba added: Beautiful ode to a gentle soul!❤️Elizabeth would drop by to meet us every few months & it was truly endearing to see how her life was completely centred around God & her family. She’d gifted me a book for my Engagement with life lessons whilst embarking on the journey – perhaps the most meaningful gift I received on the occasion. Such was her persona – thoughtful, warm & beautiful inside out!

I also remember a Life Group celebration event we held at the Hope Centre where again she was the centre of attraction, as you can see clearly in this picture.

Life Group Celebration Dec 2020

We will miss her dearly. We pray for Godly comfort and wisdom to Rogin in this time. I believe in this: I know that right now she is in the best place possible. Faith in Jesus fills the emptiness you experience and satisfies your spiritual hunger for purpose, permanence, and pardon.

Anita said: The quiet, ever smiling Elizabeth is my friend and harvest partner. I do not want to refer to her in past tense because she is now living an everlasting life in the arms of our Savior and will always live in our hearts.

She added: Her deep knowledge of the Word of God, passion for the lost are the things I want to remember her for, always. Her child like smile and the twinkle in her eyes is what comes in front of me constantly. Though she was a person of few words, she has left a huge impact on me personally. I love you Elizabeth and want to say that you ran your race very well. Goodbye my dear friend till we meet again.

She has been completely healed and has obtained the promise that the Lord Jesus gave, to free us from Sin, Sickness and Death. She is enjoying eternal life with our Lord and the saints from all ages in heaven. Jesus Christ said ‘For this is My Father’s will and purpose, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him [as Savior] will have eternal life, and I will raise her up [from the dead] on the last day.” ‘ John 6:40

This is the choice that the Lord who made us all gives us. He gives us free will to choose. Would you choose to accept the costly gift of forgiveness of your sins, by believing [putting your faith, hope and trust completely] in the fact that Jesus Christ, the sinless man, took on your sins and paid for them by dying on the cross? Remember, death and the grave could not hold Jesus. He came back to life, defeating sin and death itself! Jesus is alive.

The choice that God gives us is simple, either believe that God has done it for you, or keep on trying to do it your way. Some try to even deny that they are sinners. Others try to pay for their own sins by doing good deeds.

Dear reader, the God who made you and me knows you and loves you no matter what. He loved Elizabeth, and she loved, believed and trusted in Him. That is why she is enjoying eternity in heaven now. Not because she did good works, so that she could boast. None of us can do good works to get into heaven or have our sins forgiven. If you have done a wrong, no court will pardon you because you did something right the next time!

Make a smart choice if you have not made one yet.

God bless you!


Published by Dr. S. P. Mathew

A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

11 thoughts on “In memory of Elizabeth Rogin

  1. Elizabeth will always stay in our heart. A God’s angel with kind heart , sweet smile and helpful nature. She touched many lives.Many learnings from her life.May her Soul rest in peace.

  2. Though we have not known Elizabeth personally we did meet Rogin and he came across as a very warm genuine person … we pray with the deep rooted faith by which Elizabeth lived she is in God’s loving arms … we pray that her children and Rogin are always protected and kept safe and blessed … RIP Elizabeth

  3. This news has left me and my family shattered !!! Some friends become family very fast and Rogin and Elizabeth have been my family for almost a decade . Elizabeth and Rogin’s faith in god and the values have influenced me and my family over the years . My heart pours out for Esther , Raphael and Rogin as I know that Elizabeth was and will always remain the epicentre of there lives .
    Whilst I know that Elizabeth has left her physical body to be in a better place – This is a Terrible loss of a great individual for all of us in this world .
    Rogin remains one of the strongest human beings I know and god is always by his side. May the lord channel all the strength, positivity and love to Esther, Raphael and Rogin

  4. This news wrenched my heart. Though we worked together more than a decade back, but I still feel privileged to touched by such wonderful human in my life. Her unfading smile and worry free attitude, was inspirational. I sometimes used referred her as the Queen, not only for her name, but stress free aura she carried. Like when ever she was late for flight check-ins, rest colleagues get stressed up that she might miss but she used to say with worries there is always another flight. May God give strength to Rogin and her kids to come to terms and carry her smile. She will always be remembered and will keep inspiring us.

  5. Rogin has been a dear friend and colleague ..this news has left me devastated and I can find no words to express the grief and sadness of the moment which Rogin and his kids are experiencing but knowing Rogin as a person, I believe his trust in almighty will allow him to bear this loss and move forward.

    With lots of love to Esther and Raphel

  6. Thank you for writing in memory of Elizabeth Rogin. Since I heard the news I am unable to bear the weight of it properly. My mind goes to Rogin whom we know so well and to their children. She is one of the few precious people who supported faithfully and zealously our ministry, especially for children. Even as we prayed for her healing we never imagined that she would succumb to this terrible virus. She will always be remembered by each one of us at CBN India, for her generosity and love towards all things connected to God’s work.

  7. I know Rogin for past 6 plus years as my colleague and a friend. There are absolutely no words to express the grief of his family.

    I wish Rogin and his kids strength and courage to overcome this moment.

  8. I know Rogin as a colleague and due to these times we never have had the opportunity in real life to meet in person. But reading this blog make it obvious to me as European citizien that we all need to act globally and jointly. There is no ocean nor physical border protecting us against pandemics. I can only share my personal consternation to himself and his kids given the sad circumstances

  9. It’s a very sad news. She was part of my team more than a decade back, but I still have vivid memories of her nice ways, stress free and peaceful attitude and that smile she always wore on her face. It’s really beyond any words to describe this loss. May God give her family the strength to overcome this grief and May her soul Rest In Peace.

  10. Rogin my friend and my colleague, deeply mourning loss of your wife Elizabeth.

    Praying for her Soul to be near LOTUS FEET OF THE LORD and continue to BLESS your Children…..

    Take Care Buddy

  11. Rogin please accept my sincere sympathy for the loss of your wife. I share in the grief of you and your family at this sad time. She will be truly missed, and i pray that she continue to bless you and your children to be strong in the toughest time you are going through!!

    Take care

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