Some teachable tools

Some notes on my experiences with teaching kids:



In Mathematics there has been a surprising loss of certainty amongst experts. Many of them are not sure if 2 plus 2 is 4 anymore!

How did this come about?

Set theory is the absence of the singular, which is the hallmark of humanism. Contrast it with the God of the Old Testament who said He is One God.

Set theory can be manipulated the way anyone wants. It demands Pluralism, humanism and relativism. It denies absolute truth. It puts off average students from Mathematics.  It stresses on non essentials, belaboring concepts that are trivial, giving insufficient emphasis to concepts that are fundamental, it doesn’t devote adequate time for students to master the real basics of Mathematics. Average students have been turned off Mathematics, just as Morris Kline predicted.

Growing up and bringing up Teenagers

I am surprised at the number of people growing old who are totally disconnected from the world of their children and grand children.

I am reminded of a vast sewer flowing out from under a city. In this sewer come floating down all sorts of garbage. The broken tins, rotten fruit, and damaged furniture all remind me of the adolescents growing up in today’s world. These adolescents have already destroyed the purity of their lives by giving away their emotional and physical purity, which God has given them in the first place, to the first person or idol they encounter in their teens.

Would you buy a half eaten chocolate or a rat eaten apple with your hard earned money? Would you not rather look at it with disgust and throw it in the garbage?

Parents who were supposed to ‘parent’ their kids through childhood and adolescence have been seduced with the idea that it is more important to ‘secure a future’ for their kids by working hard and long hours away from their very kids!

Parents have been fooled into thinking that the ‘world’ knows better than them how to bring up their kids, and how to let their kids find ‘happiness’.

I am reminded of a custom practised in villages of India, when youth of both sexes are allowed to mingle at certain festivals. They do that under the eyes of the whole village, so that the intentions behind seeking the opposite sex are honourable. But, you may ask, what do you mean by honourable?

A man and a woman have different and at the same time similar needs. Sex, companionship and support could be common needs. He needs respect, she needs unconditional love and acceptance. For meeting all these needs, God has ordained only one way in which man and woman can come together, and that is the institution of marriage.

Honorable intentions means one person is not trying to defraud another. Now in 2010, where do young people go to meet each other? In darkened pubs and secret parties. Are their parents present there? Ofcourse not, parents have far more important things to do, right? Right! Like amassing more wealth, spoiling their health, working like slaves for someone else, visiting Doctors, the list goes on.

And what happens when the parents become too old to work, too old to care for themselves?

Do they then realise, too late, how they have been deceived? Yes, sadly, but it is too late by then.

Published by Dr. S. P. Mathew

A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

One thought on “Some teachable tools

  1. Hi Dear
    these are wonderful thoughts! But who would want to leave the cares of this world,unless they have the surety in something orsomeone who would provide for their children.
    how can they be shaken up from their stupor….

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