Homeschool Creativity Meet

Nikhil hosted this event at his open-to-sky terrace flat in Santacruz today the 5th of Feb 2012, where some of us Mumbai Homeshoolers met for a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.

We started at 4 30 pm with some games designed by Supriya. They were enjoyed by one and all.

Each person was blinded and asked to identify the person amongst the group who told/whispered the sound ‘Ding Dong’. This was a fun session with almost everyone missing the mark!

After this we had another session of an escalating dialogue with emotions, which proved to be a learning experience for one and all.

We also had a lot of other fun and games, which also proved to be an icebreaker for many, like thinking of creative uses for a Hair clip.

Then we had a short talk on six hats thinking by Supriya,

and a lot of informal discussions on various things homeschooled kids enjoy, like wind surfing, para sailing, mental mathematics etc.

Grace cut her cake for her thirteenth birthday, and then we had snacks, followed by even more activities.

More creative sessions followed like three hand skit, moulding and camp fire.

Nikhil explains the details to a rapt audience

Using fevicol to smoothen the final mixture

Delicate patterns emerge

The finished products waiting to dry!

The finale was candle-light dinner served around a real log fire! We baked two potatoes in the fire too.

All in all it was a wonderful evening, cherished by all those who came, and missed by those who could not. We hope they will be able to make it to our next meet!

Here is the link to more photographs:

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One thought on “Homeschool Creativity Meet

  1. Mathew great. This creative documentation is going to be a great motivation in present and hearty reference in future. Thanks a loads~

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