National body for Indian Homeschoolers



It is a time when the whole world is watching India, and especially Home-schoolers.

On the 14th of July, 2012, we will see the launch of our very own Indian Homeschool body, online and in Mumbai.





The much awaited launch of our all India ‘Homeschooling National Body’ is here!

Some of our most experienced Home-schoolers are coming to Mumbai from all over India. They will put their minds together, to launch a ‘Homeschooling Community’ which can represent our concerns and perspective on various forums.

Even though the event is in Mumbai, it will be webcasted live for all of us. So consider it happening wherever you are…Just register yourself for the webinar and be a part of it. 

Through out the day speakers will address various questions and concerns which come our way regularly. A group of experienced panelists will make sure everything is covered.

PLUS: We can ask our own questions. Share our own experiences.

So block your day: 14th of July! 

It’s more important than anything else.

Do, join the event NOW by clicking ‘I am going’ tab. 
You can also invite your friends.

Here is the detailed schedule of the event:

For more information connect:


What is it all about?

Swashikshan is an all India national body that brings together all homeschoolers, unschoolers, and any kind of non-formal learners. It is a dynamic body that will keep growing and changing according to the needs of its members. It is flexible enough to encompass the diversity of Indians in all our variety of cultural heritage, and also the diversity in our ways of being with children.


Talking about the logo, the main visual form of this logo is derived from the helix of the DNA, suggesting uniqueness of individuals and intrinsic qualities of mankind. The form also represents an ‘H’ and its flame like fluidity represents freedom and agility while the embrace represents association, harmony and togetherness. The colour orange used in the logo represents vitality, enthusiasm, creativity and endurance while the grey colour is representative of balance and maturity. The visual form also tries to ensure that it is easy to print and use the logo


The purpose behind formation of Swashikshan

The purpose or objectives behind the formation of Swashikshan are…

1) To form a unified national society to support, represent, protect & empower the rights ,interests & vision of homeschooling parents/guardians (collectively or otherwise) wanting to educate their children in a healthy unrestricted environment by providing conventional / traditional and/or non-traditional methods of learning & actively participate in the process.

2) To achieve recognition in the Indian educational and cultural environment for the open learner & to make it a viable & acceptable option for parents seeking quality education beyond the classroom walls.

3) To enable all open-schooled children to take the age appropriate entrance exams for admissions in colleges in India or abroad.

4) To enable recognition of open-schooled children for the purpose of govt. or non govt. employment

5) To ensure that such children are not discriminated in any way and enjoy all the benefits pertaining to their age/capacity.

6) To enable the integration of different paths of learning— formal,informal & non formal.

7) To enable the linking up with and collaborating with schools and universities like Swaraj .

8) To create & share a resource/ information pool & networking.

9) To guide /counsel parents who wish to know or opt for such an approach for education for their children.

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