The greatest education you can give your child

The greatest gift, the most foundational belief and education that you can give your child is the deep assurance, the conviction, the knowledge that they are loved unconditionally.

That they are loved for who they are, and not for what they do or do not do. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Is that really possible, you may well ask?

How can it be, when from childhood, or even infancy, we are conditioned to receive conditional love and acceptance? Isn’t that why we all strive for fame, wealth, recognition? Ask yourself why you do the things you do….. We have believed a lie, and that lie continues to destroy lives today.

The truth, dear reader, is this:

Can parents give this unconditional love to their dear children? defines unconditional love as; affection with no limits or conditions; complete love

You can, but you as a parent need to know and experience it for yourself. From whom can you get this love, this assurance? There is only one source, the same one who created you in His image and longs to see your love, your joy and life made full.

Unless you have it, experience it, and know that it is true, you cannot give it to your child.

Believing a lie ruins life.

Here are a few examples:

The lie that I have to do something to get acceptance, from parents or from my concept of ‘god’. That is not the truth; it is a LIE, plain and simple.

The Lie that you just evolved somehow from some other life form. That you are the product of blind chance! What happens when you leave food outside for 2 days? Does it improve or perish?

Then there are lies believed by those who believe in God: The lie that ‘God’ allows us to bargain with him for sins committed by us. The Lie that our good deeds will balance our bad deeds. No, for God, even one sin is enough for Him to punish us, or else He would not be just.

Can you imagine a murderer being let off by a Judge because he pleaded that he never committed any traffic offense in his life? A Judge like that, a god like that, what would you call him?

The Truth is better than you can ever imagine, dear reader.

  • The Truth is that God created you most wonderfully. He loves you just as you are. He loves you because of who He is, not because of who or what you are.
  • The Truth is that God loves you in spite of your sins, your faults.
  • The Truth is that God hates sin, but loves the sinner. God will punish sin.
  • This God who said He loves you; He came and demonstrated this love by paying the price for your sins, by dying for your sins. Because sin is so bad that in God’s eyes sin deserves death.

This is the Truth, dear reader, and not just fiction, definitely not a lie!

Isn’t it time to be sorry for your sins and ask God to save you? You have to ask, ofcourse. And He has forgiven… On the Cross, by the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. All it takes is Faith. Believing the Truth.

Believing the Truth gives you an assurance of Gods unconditional love, and that is the greatest gift you can give your children too. Jesus said you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free.

Have a great life ahead.

Published by Dr. S. P. Mathew

A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

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