Eligibility for SSC as a Private Candidate


Some parents have been asking about Homeschooled students giving the SSC state board exams at the tenth level as a private candidate. The Goa board has put this up:


Eligibility of Private candidates for SSC Examination.-



(1) A person who has pursued specified course of studies privately and has completed the practicals for the subjects involving practical work prescribed for Std. VIII to X in any recognised Secondary School at the time of application for examination shall be admitted to secondary school certificate examination as a private candidate subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions,-


(a) He/ She has been a resident of the State of Goa for not less than two years prior to the date of commencement of S.S.C Examination for which he/ she desires to appear.

   However the deficiency, if any, in the period of two years residence in the State of Goa may be condoned by the Chairman on genuine grounds.


   (b)He/ She was not on the roll of any recognised secondary school of the State during the academic year preceding the date of examination for which he/she desires to appear.


   (c) He/She must have completed the age of 17 years not later than the 1st   March of that academic year in case of the examination to be held in March and not later than 1st October of the next academic year in case of the examination to be held in October. The date of birth declared by him/her in the form of application shall be supported by authentic document. 


   (d) Not withstanding anything contained in (a),  (b),  and  (c)  above, –


      (i) A candidate being a citizen of India who has been a regular student of a secondary school overseas and who has completed the course of studies for an examination equivalent to the secondary school certificate examination of this Board may be permitted to appear at SSC Examination as a private candidate.


      (ii) A candidate sent as a regular student (i.e.  after having undergone the specified course of studies and kept the specified minimum attendance at a recognised institution) but failing at the corresponding examination equivalent to corresponding S.S.C. examination of this Board, may be permitted to appear at the Examination as a private candidate provided that such a candidate has not joined any secondary school since his/her failure at the other examination concerned:


   Provided that it shall be competent for the Board to debar an applicant involved in malpractices to secure permission to appear at the examination as a private candidate under clause  (1)  above,  from applying for permission to appear for the Examination, for a period of two years from the month and year of the Examination for which permission is sought,  even if such a candidate is otherwise eligible and further forfeit the enrolment fee if already paid and cancel the enrolment certificate, if already issued.  


      (2) A candidate applying for S.S.C. examination privately shall complete the course of practicals through a recognised school and submit a certificate from the head of the institution to that effect, while submitting the application for admission to examination.


      (3) A person who has pursued his/her studies and fulfilling above conditions shall apply to the Board in specified form along with specified fees and relevant documents to enrol himself/herself as a private candidate.


      (4) The applicant shall state in writing that he/she is not undergoing rustication imposed by any statutory Board of examination or University in India or any other examination authority at the time of submission of application for enrolment.


      (5) An enrolment certificate shall be issued by the Board to a person eligible to appear for S.S.C. examination as a private candidate.


      (6) The person who has been enrolled as a private candidate for S.S.C. examination shall apply for admission to the said examination in specified form alongwith the required documents and the fees specified by the Board.


      (7) The person who has been enrolled as a private candidate shall be exempted from offering school assessment based subjects for S.S.C. examination.


    (8) The private candidates shall not be eligible for award of prizes or scholarships

Thank you Balamurugan Ramalingam for this link. http://www.gbshse.gov.in/rule17.html from the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education website



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