Rock climbing at Goregaon

Imagine climbing up a vertical rock face, using just your bare hands and legs. Imagine looking down from the summit of this mountain, right in the middle of a busy city!

Yes, imagination has no limits, but here is one activity that steps out of imagination into real life.

Thanks to Poonam Kurani, a few homeschooled kids got to do rock climbing at Goregaon! They have an outdoor as well as an Indoor wall to climb. All standard safety precautions are taken, and the climbers are always directed by skilled climbing instructors who also hold the rope which loops from their hands to around the top of the summit and onto your harness.

This massive rock structure is where the actual rock climbing is done.

It stands amidst spacious greens in the campus of a school here.

It is dedicated to the famous mountain climber Arun Samant who hails from this area.

This is the memorial erected at the foot of the rock to Shri Arun Samant.

Before the climb, safety harness is fitted on the climbers by the Climbing Instructor

After that the children started their climb up the huge rock, which has specially designed footholds and handholds just like on a real mountain face.


Looking for and shifting balance, pulling up by using hands and legs, a great form of exercise too!

Soon our boys and girl were clambering up, searching for places to hold and push themselves up to the top.

Kids in action

Scaling the summit

Nearing the summit

The kids simply did not want to stop, in spite of their aching muscles. After they finished climbing they could rappel down, safely protected by the ropes.

All in all a very enjoyable activity, suited for young and old alike.

The timings of the place are from 7 PM onwards, and Tuesdays are closed. Charges are also very reasonable, less than a dollar J and you can climb as many times as you want.

Published by Dr. S. P. Mathew

A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

4 thoughts on “Rock climbing at Goregaon

  1. Rock climbing is a fantastic exercise and its nice to see that some individuals have taken the initiative to start something like this. Kudos to them… This site definitely needs more publicity so that more people can try out their climbing skills….

  2. This place is awsm , nd The Arun Samant Climbing wall is very famous nd good place fr climbing. I know this place very long time.
    But now this place is a sector of politics. There is a instructor****** he is totally mad guy. NO safety, no certified belayers very risk I must say. My friend was injured due to non certified unexperienced, non technically belayer. I have seen number of people falling due to belayer’s fault. I miss old days of wall.

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