IGCSE students applying for admission to a local Junior College after 10th grade exams

Many homeschooled children are taking the IGCSE exams at the tenth grade level [IGCSE/O Level] in India. Some of them would like to join Junior colleges in their respective states. What should they do to get admission into any Junior College in their state? What about the state of Maharashtra, and the Mumbai University?

These are the things that we are currently aware of in this respect:

IGCSE/O Level: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education states that students who have passed IGCSE/O Levels (minimum 5 subjects with English) are considered eligible for admission to the first year of Jr. College (Std. XI) affiliated to this Board.

http://recognition.cie.org.uk/OrganisationDetails.aspx?QI=2&RI=863 [This is from the Cambridge website. You can search for any Country and Exam here]

Tanya Valecha, the Principal of Rustomjee Cambridge IGCSE School in North Mumbai, Maharashtra, said “There is an equivalency booklet released by the Maharashtra state education department and available at their Navi Mumbai and Pune office. Not sure if it is available online. This book states all the boards from across the world which are equivalent to the SSC [Tenth grade State Board Secondary School Certificate] and in what context e.g.: 5 subjects at O levels with English is equivalent to SSC and the student is eligible for admission to a junior college in Maharashtra.

She also mentioned “For admissions to junior college, the following steps are taken by our students who write the IGCSE exam.

1. They need to apply online or offline in minority /in house quota at schools as per dates prescribed by the board.

2. They are issued the following documents from CIE – statement of marks, IGCSE certificate and migration certificate

3. They are issued the following documents by the school –

  • School leaving certificate,
  • Bonafide certificate and
  • Transcript of marks as per format of department.

4. If they apply for a diploma, they need to acquire an equivalency certificate from Navi Mumbai in their name.

5. If they do HSC, once the admission process is completed at a junior college, the student needs to fill up an eligibility form (available at college for a nominal fee) .and submit to his college

6. The college then proceeds and completes the process. The college may also write to school/board for verification.”

I found this form from Mumbai University for application for Provisional Statement of Eligibility for students from another Board or even another country seeking admission to Mumbai University:


For those students wanting to take up professional courses, these are the requirements mentioned by some Universities like Manipal: Candidates intending to join Medical or Engineering degree programs are required to have obtained A Level passes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics besides five passes at GCE O Level/GCSE/IGCSE.

Figure 1 Homeschooling or teaching children at home is a growing trend in India

So as of now, homeschooled children in India taking the IGCSE exams at the tenth grade level should be able to get admission into Junior Colleges in Maharashtra [and other states also] by following the above steps.

Have a wonderful homeschooling learning journey. J If you need any clarifications please write to me.


I also found one Equivalency Booklet issued by a University in India online, http://gndu.ac.in/gndu2014/Downloads_pdf/eq_book.pdf

This form lists the Cambridge Exam as equivalent to the tenth grade exams.

There is also a Migration Certificate and an Equivalence certificate available online for those seeking admission for higher education: http://www.msbte.com/msbte_html/admins/files/stud_cen_act/Certificate_MIG_EQU_TRANS.pdf



Published by Dr. S. P. Mathew

A Mumbai-based practising Physician, passionate about God's wonderful creation, fitness, and integral health, writer, activist and family man. Saved by God's Grace alone :-) to be his Ambassador.

125 thoughts on “IGCSE students applying for admission to a local Junior College after 10th grade exams

  1. Now IB and IGCSE students can enroll for the American degree program in Mumbai. Broward College, Florida has opened a center at NMS West Campus in Mumbai. They offer the 2+2 Bachelors degree program wherein students can study for the first 2 years in Mumbai and then transfer to ANY American university for the next 2 years to get their final Bachelors degree. Students can enroll for programs in engineering, science, business or arts. All foreign visiting faculty from top US universities. They also give guaranteed admissions to 11 Florida state universities provided the student maintains a GPA of 3.0.

    1. Hi.. where can I get more details for this 2+2 programme ? Also is similar available for UK , Singapore etc university? Pls share any link or website for this graduate course

      1. This article is for admissions to Mumbai university plus two programs. Any equivalent tenth grade exam is good enough. The equivalency list is put up by Mumbai university.

  2. You have done a altruistic job. Fantastic.
    I was looking to online advise for my son who did IGCSE Science in 11th and is looking back to return to State Board.
    I tried downloading the pdfs but am unable to. Could you help by posting the same or emailing me at email id k.muthukrishnan@ukassociates.co.in.

    I should appreciate your efforts again.
    Warm regards
    Mobile No. 9930265069

  3. Hi this is meet from santacruz i need to take admission in junior college

    so what should i do and i am from IGCSE and i need to have y certificate but the cie university told me that u will get the certificate on 12 August so what should i do now i am in trouble will i get the admission when i get my certificate plz give me a reply of which colleges will give me admission in August when i need can u just give me the list of this email ID meeets1998@gmail.com

  4. I am a Student of Cambridge

    I should appreciate your efforts again.
    Warm regards
    Meet Shah
    Mobile No. 9820126091

  5. i am at the A levels in Maharashtra . my subjects are maths(A2), physics (A2), chemistry(A2),English(As)and accounts (As). I wanted to know after my A levels will i be able to write all the state wise entrance examination and what other career can i go for other than engineering ??

    1. Hi Arpita, I do not know about this particular query of yours regarding entrance exams, but there are definitely a lot of careers out there other than engineering. What is it that excites you, makes you dream, which gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment? That is what you should be pursuing, and then the world will be beating at your door. All the best!

  6. I really like your writing style, excellent info, thank you for putting up all this valuable information. I would recommend this blog for everyone who are looking to homeschool their kids, in India or anywhere in the world.

  7. My daughter had passed IGCSE with E grade in English.
    Now can she join XI Maharashtra or Gujarat board schools ? Do they need equivelency certificate ? In india how many institutes issues equivelency certificates?

    1. Hi Gafar, I am not the expert as regards admission to junior college for IGCSE students as I have no personal experience yet. I do not think she should have any problem joining any board. If she has passed out of some school they would definitely guide you on the process. The equivalency certificate though is issued by the Mumbai University.

  8. I am goint to give my tenth IGCSE boards in may 2016 and my subjects are maths , english ,hindi ,enviromental management , physics , chemistry and accounts . I dont wish to continue IGCSE A/ As levels ahead so i am planning to take admissions in stateboard for my 11th . So my doubt is that will i get admissions in normal colleges after mismatching my sucjects like taking account by dropping biology . since my career willl be in toata science field . that is architecturing ! so just wanted to ask that will i get admission in normal colleges that is stateboard ? and i cannot afford going for expensive education like IB so please help !

    1. Hi Pratiksha, Did your query get solved ? My brother has got a similar situation and wants a clarification so that he can chose his subjects accordingly

  9. This is a gold mine for me to explore. Than you so much for taking the time to put this guide together. I am sure it will have answers to a number of my questions.

  10. Pratiksha, your school is the place which would be able to guide you regarding this query. If they are unable to, please send me an email and I can get you in touch with those who can guide you.

  11. hi! my friend has completed igcse passing with grades like C, F and G and for further studies he is applied for NIOS online. is it possible for him to appear for nios? what is the eligibility criteria for appearing nios for a student who has passed igcse with low grades?

    1. Regarding NIOS… in my understanding. .. all one needs for 12th nios is a pass certificate from any board. As for the 10th….you need to just apply directly. However, the NIOS site gives all the details very well. ..www.nios.ac.in.

  12. Hello Sir.
    I am doing my class 11 from IGCSE school with Maths English Physics Chemistry and P.Ed as my subjects. Will I be able to get admission in any Engineering College and When does IGCSE issue their Final Class 12 Results if I give the exams in the month of March-April.
    Sir plzzz help…
    My email id is- shadabitsmiles@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Shadab, You should be able to get admission into Engineering based on your IGCSE 12th grade marks. The results are out after 2 months. I am not aware of the details though as of now.

  13. hello Matthew
    i have given igcse exam and waiting for results.
    i wish to pursue career in science for M.B.B.S.
    comparatively, science of A and AS levels is better or of state board for AIPMT?
    will i be able to pass with good grades taking 7 subjects for AS levels?
    its compulsory in my college to take 4 subjects, eng, business st, ict, n islamiyat.

  14. Helloo sir I am very glad to see your valuable advice.my son is doing 11 in igcse in Nairobi.can he get admissions in colleges after 12 in igcse.or he can go only for NRI seats.I am waiting your earliest reply. Regards Mrs bhaji

    1. Definitely, Mrs. Bhaji, after the 12th IGCSe, you need to get the equivalency certificate to be considered for admission into any degree college in India, if that is what you are looking for.

  15. My son is in IGCSE doing 11 in Nairobi.please help me to know that after 12 in IGCSE he can get admissions in Indian colleges or inNRI seats.awaiting your valuable reply.thanks

  16. Sir ,thanks a lost.How can I get equivalency certificate from Mumbai university ? Is it possible from Kerala ? Please help me

  17. Hello sir
    My son is studying in IGCSE 9th std. I just wanted to know the grading system of the IGCSE as how the grades are converted into percentage so to acquire admission to any HSC college? and is there a same procedure like state board to take this admission means to take online admission.

  18. Dear Dr.S.P.Mathew,
    my students are apoearing for their igcse exams in feb 2016. The subjects they are appearing for are :English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi and ICT. My query is that are these subjects enough for my students to gain admissions to normal junior colleges.
    A colleague of mine says that all three science subjects are counted as 1 subject and that the students are assessed out of a total of 550 marks in order to get admission into colleges and that they need an extra subject eg. EVM to be added to the list of subjects that my students are now studying.
    please clarify this query sir. Thank you.

  19. Hi my son is currently in grade 10 IGCSE..his final exam results come out in August and he would like to join junior college science…what is the procedure for admission in junior college…please kindly let me know

  20. Hi. I have still 3 exams left to complete my IGCSE. My question is, can a student apply for Cambridge University after IGCSE? What exactly should the grades be, if a student tries for addmissions in Cambridge University?

  21. The online registration form asks for best of 5 subject marks. What subjects can be considered for this? My child had appeared for English, Math, PCB, Hindi,EVM & ICT

  22. I am studying in A level Cambridge School ,,
    I want to know Can i appear for AIPMT 2016?? and if i clear AIPMT will i get admission in Government Medical College??

  23. My son has appeared for grade 10 IGCSE results will be declared in Aug. He wants to persue medicine after 12. His science subjects for 11 & 12 will be. Bio & Chem, Please let me know if he can do medicine in India after 12 . Is physics a must in 12 for medicine in India if yes how does he appear for physics. What competitive exams does he need to appear for. Thanking you AK

    1. Hi Ashok, all the best for your son. I am not sure of the eligibility criteria for Medicine in India now, but in the past Physics, Chemistry and Biology were compulsory.

  24. my daughter is in grade 10[IGCSE] now.I want to know whether she should take hindi as one of her IGSCE subjects? If I want her to continue her studies here in KSA,will she be able to get an admission in the professional college in India?Or should I send her to India after her grade 10?

    1. For Indian junior colleges, second language is essential, and Hindi is a good choice. I am sure there should be no problem for her to get admission into professional colleges in India after A levels, but you need to check with others who have passed that stage.

    2. Shazia Ji
      My son is in year 9 in British school Riyadh and I want to take him to India when he passes Year 10 IGCSE . Please guide me if you have any information whether he can join grade 11 in India after he passes year 10 IGCSE in Riyadh. I will appreciate.

      1. Based on your son’s IGCSE O level tenth grade equivalent results you will surely get admission in Maharashtra state board for the 11th Std. There are a few documents which you will need that the Vashi board issues to international students. Who is Shazia by the way?

  25. Hi ….I would like to know about 1 very important details. How can homeschoolers get a leaving certificate from a school which is important for junior College admissions in Mumbai?

    1. Homeschoolers will not and need not get a leaving certificate from a school. Depending on the board from which the child has passed the tenth grade, NIOS wil give Migration certificate and IGCSE gives Eligibility certificate, which is sufficient for admission to junior colleges in Mumbai.

  26. Hello Sir,

    My daughter has done her entire school education upto 8th Standard in Mumbai at a CBSE school. In 2013, I was deputed by my employer to Texas (USA) for a couple of years. As a result, my daughter completed her 9th and 10th Standard at a Public School in USA (School Name : Jasper High School, Plano, Texas http://www.pisd.edu/schools/secondary/jasper/ ).

    I have returned back to Mumbai now and am seeking admission to 11th standard for her in Science stream. I am facing a difficulty as I am being told that Jasper High School is not listed in the published Eligibility list of schools recognized by the Maharashtra SSC/HSC board.

    Requesting your guidance about what can be done to facilitate her admission.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Abhijit, congratulations on your daughter completing her tenth! The Eligibility is based on the board that she has given, not the school. There is an equivalency list which you can check to see which syllabi are considered at par with or non-inferior to the SSC state board 10th exams.

  27. Sir actlly I want to ask that I am in 9th grade right now in cbse board and am doing well there too but I need to go to hostel and I found CIEboard there and I want to ask that in future would be able to get admission in any cbse school in 11th or in any college

  28. Hello
    My son is appearing for IGCSE in March 2016, his subjects are English, Hindi, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, maths and ICT. So if we will consider 3 sciences as one subject how can he get admission in HSC? Next thing how much it matters if he will take core ? Do it will affect his total percentage?

  29. Core means you can score no more than 60%. Regarding the three sciences, there are two choices, combined science and individual subjects. Individual subjects are counted as different. It depends on the college where you are taking admission in.

  30. I am going to give my tenth IGCSE boards in may 2017 from British school Riyadh Saudi Arabia and my subjects are full science, math, English, ICT . I dont wish to continue IGCSE A/ As levels ahead so i am planning to take admissions in state board (India)for my 11th . will i get admission in normal colleges that is stateboard ?. guide please

    1. Based on your IGCSE O level tenth grade equivalent results you will surely get admission in state board for the 11th Std. There are a few documents which you will need that the Vashi board issues to international students.

  31. Dear Sir,
    My son is studying in 9th IGCSE , and his present interest is in mechanical engineering and he wants to be in automobile industry, Thus if you could advise or suggest after 10th IGCSE which board he can prefer ?

    thanks & regards

    1. I do not think the admission is based on the board that your son passes out of. If he is giving the CET anyway to get admission, it would be better to take a board that allows him to concentrate on preparing for the CET and does not need him to study for the board 🙂

  32. Can we get address of Navi Mumbai university were we can convert Cambridge result of class 10th as per Maharashtra board university

  33. hi Dr. Mathew,
    I am Mrs. Deshpande, and would like to know if there is any nri quota in jr. colleges if student is coming from UK after completing his GCSC.

    Thanks & Regards,

  34. Thanku for your blog. It’s insightful. My question is that if my daughters gets say 80% in igcse board and a second student studying in SSC in Maharashtra gets same 80% than who will be given admission first, preferabely in fyjc college following state bored.

  35. Question:- What should a IGCSE student do after his 10th board
    Join a Jr. College(CBSE or SSC) or join higher school (Of the same board IGCSE)
    If he is looking forward for being an engineer or a doctor ?
    Plz do reply, I need an advice.

    1. If a student wishes to pursue Engineering or Medicine, in Maharashtra many of them opt for the PACE program by taking notional admission into a state board college and then attending classes at the PACE coaching class affiliated to this junior college where their attendance is noted.

      1. My son has completed his 10 grade in igcse .all he knows tht , science n maths (PCM)n english are his subjects.considering this ,wat field wuld match his intrest. Is the engineering only aspect in science?have inquiered all bout hsc board through pace..we want to know , can he continue in Same bord with A levels. By taking science?

  36. My son will be appearing A level ( Subjects are :: Maths / Eng.Literature / Eng. Language / Economics / Geography ) in 2018. He wants to compete CLAT – 2018 and interested to join in NRI Sponsered quata as per availability of seats . My question Clat results & admission completed by June 2018 . Is he gets his final results before that if not what documents he need to produced against proof of 12th pass record ? This is not only for clat other universities are also closed admission ny end of May . How an A level student apply same year ? Pls. help
    Subahsish Majumder

  37. Hello Sir,
    My son is studying in IGCSE board and he is in 10th right now.
    Will he be eligible for the admission in HSC board if he has these subjects:-
    English Hindi Maths Biology Physics Chemistry and ICT (computer)

  38. Can i get admission in junior college with subjects like English,physics,chemistry,maths,computer science?i have passed from class 10th ICSE board.

    1. Definitely. Please note that this is a blog website which is meant primarily for sharing my experiences and those of others especially homeschoolers. I would not be able to answer all questions here but I welcome readers who can to post their comments or answers.

  39. Dear Sir,
    I am repatriating back to India from South Africa. My daughter has completed IGCSE. Kindly advise the procedure to take admission for her in class 11th science stream in any colleges of Pune or Mumbai. Kindly advise me what are the documents required and procedure to apply for admission

  40. Dear sir,
    HSC admissions are starting in June but as i am in IGCSE my boards are in May and my result will come in August,so on what bases i can take admission in HSC junior collage as my boards result will come later.

  41. Dear Dr. S. P. Mathew
    I have just passed my IGCSE board exams and i need help with the procedure of admissions for the 11th grade in junior colleges in Mumbai. It would be great if you could help me in this matter as soon as possible as the admissions might start in 10-15 days. I would love to thank you for your effort to help students and their parents with such matters.

    Thanking you,
    Divya Shah (divyashah1999@gamil.com)

    1. Congratulations Divya. The procedure is the same for all students, irrespective of board. You may or may not need the equivalency certificate which states that the IGCSE 10th grade is equivalent to the 10th grade SSC exams.

  42. 10th IGCSE results announced in second week of august, but indian board 11th starts in julyitself. please advise how indian board accepts pupil without marks card

  43. NIOS was an option for students who have challenges which doesn’t allow them to join regular junior colleges. But now NIOS has made minimum 5 passes with A,B, C grades only for IGCSE students as eligibility criteria for senior secondary . Out of all boards, only IGCSE. It has left with no choice for my child, whose two years are at stake now.

  44. Hi my daughter igcse 10th she ungraded on English &maths.bfr the result I joined 11th standard cbse school in bangalore.now they said she can’t able to write 11th exam or not.cbse school sayed with out graded they can’t register plus help

  45. Sir my son did 9th in India. Ap. than he did not do 10th .now he is doing igcse in abroad is it OK for after (12 igcse) he go for fother education in India plz help me

  46. 10th IGCSE results announced in second week of august, but indian board admission for fyjc 11th starts in june itself. please advise how shall I apply for college without the results…

  47. I am a private candidate for igcse may june exam so when applying for hsc in provisional admission in mumbai do i have to apply in minority category or open admission?

  48. Why is it written that For admissions to junior college, the following steps are taken by our students who write the IGCSE exam.

    1. They need to apply online or offline in minority /in house quota at schools as per dates prescribed by the board.
    I am a igcse private candidate for may june exam 2017 so do i have to apply in minority?

  49. I wanted to know when do ibdp start cause my igcse 10th grade exams are in May so when can I apply for ibdp and when does it start I mean which month do I have to start going to college

  50. i want to know my son studying IGCSE 10th std in kenya in indian international school.. now we r planning to shift to india.. can i get admission in higher secondary school, for 11th std….

  51. My daughter currently in grade 9th giving her final exams, she has opted for 6 subjects in IGCSE.
    The six subjects are – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math’s, English and ICT( Computers).
    Xth Grade she wants to opt for only 5 subjects dropping ICT
    Now there are mixed opinion
    will she have to take 6 subjects so that she can get admission in HSC.
    or She can Continue with 5 subjects in Xth Grade and still get admission in State Board in Mumbai( HSC).
    Please Guide

  52. My son did IDBP-1 and now wish to do Std XII from Maharashtra Board. Please advice on the procedure to get into Junior College Grade – XII Maharashtra Board this year

    1. The college you are applying to will give you all the details. And the IBDP staff also have the required information. But why would you switch from such an excellent curriculum back to the State board?

  53. HI ……if one gets an ungraded in English in A levels and grades of C and above in Physics, Chem, Bio and Maths, is the student eligible for admissions to first year BSc courses in any college of the Mumbai University.

  54. My son got admitted to O level IGCSE and will be eligible to appear in June, 2019. Unfortunately my work permit shall expire on 10th May, 2019. In that case, can he appear for board exams in India? Now, we are in Zambia.

  55. I am a private candidate for IGCSE may june 2017,i finished my exams and now wish to apply for ISC 11th grade but they are asking for provisional grades which I dont have as i am a private candidate,what do i do now?

  56. Is best of 5 considerd for IGCSE board 10th std. student ??
    can we apply for F.Y.J.C maharashtra board ??
    what is the meaning of ungraded. It is ungraded in one subject so online form is not been approve. So what is the solution.
    pls reply urgent

  57. Dear Mr Matthew, My son is homeschooled & wants to appear for 5 Subjects for IGCSE – Maths, English, Economics, Business Studies, Accounting or Geography (no science & 2nd language). His aim is to get admission for FY Junior College “Commerce” in Mumbai. Please tell if you see any problem with his subject choices ?

  58. Is best of five subjects available as a option for igcse students who want to join local colleges.

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