No poking, please!

Road safety is being taken seriously at last. Here is one more step to make driving safer especially for two wheelers who can suddenly hit these protruding rods which were being carried on trucks. Another important need is to ban trucks carrying sand and dirt which spill on the road and cause fatal skidding of two wheelers. In the UAE such trucks are fined the heaviest, with one fine going up to 50,000 INR or more.

No rods, poles: Trucks can’t carry cargo that pokes out


MUMBAI: In a bid to make road journeys safer, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Friday issued a public notice barring trucks and tempos, among other vehicles transporting goods, from carrying poles, iron rods and any such cargo that protrudes out and can be a danger to commuters.


Transporters will have to seek special permission to carry iron rods or poles and any such thing that can protrude out of their vehicles. If they don’t comply, they will have to pay a fine.

If any vehicle is found flouting this norm, it will invite a fine under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, stated the public notice.

“As per the earlier provision of the Motor Vehicles Act, vehicles transporting goods were allowed to carry material, which stick out up to one metre. But to make road journeys safer, the Union government has created this new provision in the l aw,” said Satish Sahasrabudhe, acting transport commissioner.

The regional transport offices (RTOs) have already been informed about the changed rule, he said, adding that RTO officials have been directed to ensure its implementation.

According to motor vehicle department officials, for transporting protruding material, transporters will have to seek special permission from various agencies, including their department.

“Transporters will have to apply for special permission, as taken by those transporting over-dimensional consignment,” said a senior motor vehicle department official.

RTO officials, however, feel that to deter transporters from flouting the norm, the Union government should increase the fine.

“Presently, a fine of Rs100 will be imposed on transporters flouting the norms,” said a senior RTO official, requesting anonymity. An increase in the fine amount will deter transporters from flouting the norm, he added.

  • 19 Jul 2014
  • Hindustan Times (Mumbai)
  • Kailash Korde

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