Homeschool Info Meet at Mumbai [HIM Nov 2017] and the growing interest in homeschooling

Over the last few years there has been a growing awareness of the existence of alternatives to Institutional schools as a way to educate children.

This has resulted in those who chose such alternatives years ago now coming together to hold meetings to explain what these alternatives are, especially homeschooling.

Yesterday Mumbai homeschoolers organised a Homeschooling Info Meet [HIM Nov 2017]. The response was beyond expectations, so much so that the initial venue had to be changed at the last minute.


It sounds paradoxical to hold a homeschooling meet in a school 🙂 but since the Principal of RCIS [Rustomjee Cambridge International School] Dahisar has graciously offered her place, a big thank you to Tanya Valecha madam and her team, and I believe it is a recognition by those in mainstream education that true education is collaborative.

For those who are interested, please click this link to a Google Drive folder with audio recordings from HIM Nov 2017.

I would like to thank Nivedita and Amit Karnad for organising this HIM Nov 2017 in Mumbai .

This HIM Nov 2017 was a huge success and these are the highlights of the same:

Over 250 adults and kids participated.

The venue was the ground floor open hall of Rustomjee School

We had 6 to 8 experienced Homeschooler/unschooler families who gave 10 to 20 minute talks on their life, experiences, and the various ways in which you can do alternative education.

Swashikshan the all India homeschoolers body was also explained.

Different ways to integrate back to the mainstream in case the child or parent desires to were also presented.

The pros and cos of both systems were discussed along with practical tips in the lively Q & A session.

Tea and biscuits were served, courtesy the School. We charge a nominal fee of 50 Rs per adult and 20 Rs per child for this HIM Nov 217.

If anyone is interested in attending or organising future HIMs please contact us or Swashikshan.




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7 thoughts on “Homeschool Info Meet at Mumbai [HIM Nov 2017] and the growing interest in homeschooling

      1. I’m interested in homeschooling for my daughter she us second grade please help me the procedure for enrolling same

  1. Hello ,
    I am interested in attending the next HIM meet to be held in mumbai.Please let me know how can I get notification for the same.

    Thanks .

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