Hi, I am Mathew, a Physician in Private Practice in Mumbai, India, and father to three homeschooled children. I am passionate about Education, Travel, Photography, Health and the Environment, among other things.  I love Jesus and I love people. I would love to know more about you. Please help me by filling in the form below/ Thank you 🙂

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Can I contact you via email to get some help and advice about my child. I am in the US and would like to move to India and homeschool, or look into some alternative schooling. Please contact me via email below, I would very much appreciate it.

  2. hi!i am a mother of two year old and am thinking of homeschooling my child . needed help for that as this is very new to me.

  3. hi sir i am a mother of 14 year old and he wants to appear for igcse o level,we need guidance from you to how to select subjects and how many languages are compulsory to take or is it ok to take only one language,he is planning to join some diploma college after his tenth and later to go abroad.we will be very thankful for our support.

  4. Very much interested in homeschooling my sweet sensitive and highly reselient 12 year old girl for whom the traditional schooling seems a force.Please guide us the path to it as we are planning it to do from next session

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